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A boy's voice changing

Here’s when to expect your son’s voice to change and what to do about it

Here's what to do when your son's voice starts to change because of puberty.
Father and son playing a game of chess

Chess for kids: Why this is a fantastic activity for your 7-year-old

There's a great reason why kids should learn chess.
preschool girl having fun playing soccer

What are the benefits of sports in child development? We break it down

Sports for 3-year-olds are important for their development. Here's why your tot needs to be as active as possible.
Cupcakes with blue and pink frosting

Want a surprise gender reveal? Here are some ideas

Many soon-to-be parents enjoy throwing a gender-reveal party for friends and family. We give you ideas for the big celebration.
5-year-old girl celebrating her birthday

Need a fantastic theme for a fifth birthday party? Consider these

Get the party started with these fun themes for a fifth birthday party.
Swaddled baby on a bed

Is swaddling safe? What the experts say about baby wrapping

Here's what you need to know about whether swaddling is safe for baby
Pregnant woman walking on a beach

Tanning and pregnancy: Why you need to ditch sunbathing

You shouldn't go tanning when you're pregnant. Here's why.
Couple holding boy or girl card

These funny gender reveal ideas will delight your guests

Bring even more laughter and joy to your gender reveal shindig with these ideas
baby playing with toys

5 classic toddler toys your child will remember forever

The toys your children play with when they’re younger can leave a lasting impression. Here are five classic toddler toys that your child will remember forever.
Baby with sunscreen on their cheeks

What you need to know to choose the best eczema sunscreen for your baby

Trying to find an eczema sunscreen for your little one? Here's what you need to know to keep your baby's sensitive skin protected.
A blue box of individually wrapped pads

The 7 best tried-and-true postpartum pads to use after giving birth

Check out our list of the 7 best postpartum pads that work when you need them. These brands offer the most comfort and protection after giving birth.
Mother holding sleeping baby.

How to break the cycle of an overtired baby

An overtired infant can wake up several times at night. We discuss how to break the cycle and get more sleep for your baby and you.
Mother and daughter talking.

How to deal with a lying kid — try these simple techniques

Sometimes, kids lie — and here are techniques on how to handle it.
Woman placing nursing pad in her shirt

Nursing pads: Everything you need to know

Everything moms need to know about using nursing pads.
Three kids reading a book inside of a blanket fort

How to build a blanket fort for epic indoor adventures

Blanket forts can help spark imagination -- here's how to build a great one.
Little boy drawing in an art book with colored pencils

6 creative YouTubers who can teach your 6-year-old to draw

Drawing is a skill anyone can learn. These six YouTubers teach kids how to draw.
A teen boy at the wheel with Dad watching

How to teach a teenager to drive without tears (or dented bumpers)

Here's how to teach your teenager to drive without any mishaps
Group of teens using smartphones

Social media for teenagers: 6 ways it can boost self-esteem (seriously!)

Social media is a powerful communication tool for teens. With your guidance, they can receive personal confidence and development from it
Decorations for a Harry Potter party

How to throw a magical Harry Potter marathon for your kids

Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with a magical movie marathon.

The dirty truth about cloth diapers

The ins and outs of traditional cloth diapers and how to make them work.
A family plays a video game together

These 8 Wii games are the best for your young kids

Keeping your kids entertained and active is tough. But these eight age-appropriate games from the Nintendo Wii are great for young kids.

10 cute baby boy nicknames with tons of personality

These boy nicknames are so catchy and fun. Find cute nicknames for your baby boy.
Baby with insect bite on leg

How to treat mosquito bites (and more) on babies

This is what you should do if your baby gets an insect bite.
lady looking at a pregnancy test confused

7 early pregnancy symptoms that aren’t just your imagination

These 7 early pregnancy symptoms are possible and not your imagination. Some go unnoticed while others are mistaken for another illness.
Person walking past Shark IQ self-emptying robot vacuum at docking station

The Prime Day deal for Shark’s self-emptying robot vacuum is can’t-miss

This Shark robot vacuum Prime Day deal from Walmart will let you enjoy the convenience of a self-emptying feature for just $265, following a $334 discount.
Teenager rolling eyes at parents

How to deal with your teenage daughter’s attitude without blowing up

Try these tips to manage your teen daughter's attitude without losing your cool.
Hands holding baby monitor over crib with sleeping baby in it.

Prime Day baby monitor deals 2022: Top 3 picks, from $50

These are our three favorite Prime Day baby monitor deals and they start at just $50. If you're a new parent, don't sleep on these deals for you and your baby.
Woman wearing compression socks

Why compression socks during pregnancy are a great idea (and the best ones to get)

Compression socks for pregnancy provide comfort as long as you choose the right size and wear them correctly. Here are some of our favorites.
Teenage girl using smartphone outside

Social media and teenage girls: The concerning truth about their self-esteem

Using social media is a common pastime of many teens. But too much social media may negatively impact a teenage girl’s self-esteem
A toddler wearing a yellow sweater crying with their eyes closed.

These are the surprisingly simple reasons why toddlers cry so much

Kids at two years old are prone to crying, sometimes a lot. We list several common reasons why toddlers cry and what you can do.
A teen hugging their parent where both are smiling

4 secrets to understanding teenage girls every parent should know

What parents need to know about understanding teenage girls and talking to them.
Young girl staring into a camera

Is child modeling lucrative? How to get started in the industry

Child modeling is something that can easily be turned into a career, We provide tips on how to get into the business.
Cute baby boy.

What color will your baby’s eyes be? Find out with a baby eye color predictor

With a baby eye color predictor, you can find out what color eyes your baby might have.
A small child grabbing cereal from a bowl.

These incredible breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds will please even the pickiest of eaters

Here's what to make for breakfast for even the pickiest 1-year-olds.
woman deleting period tracker app from her phone

Roe v. Wade is making women delete period tracking apps: Here’s why

Are period tracking apps a danger to your privacy? Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid these food choking hazards for toddlers at all costs

How common is toddler choking? Learn what choking hazards to watch for.
tattooed mom with baby

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What you need to know about getting inked up while nursing

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? Here's are the risks of tattooing while breastfeeding you need to consider before you decide.
A teen using social media on her cell phone.

The pros and cons of social media use for teens (No, it’s not all bad)

Teens spend a lot of time on social media — is it good, bad, or somewhere in between? Let's look at the pros and cons of social media use for teens.
Swaddled sleeping baby in a bed

How to dress a newborn for bed so they’ll be safe and comfy all night long

Are you wondering how your newborn should be dressed for bed? We tell you the right way.
A toddler grabbing some food off of a plate.

How much should a toddler eat? Probably more than you think

How much should a toddler eat? You might be shocked to find out how much your toddler should really eat in one day.
Mother talking to her teenage daughter.

How to be a great parent to a teenage girl

During a girl's teen years, a healthy parent-child relationship is more important than ever. We have useful tips on how to survive puberty
Toddlers having fun in a playgroup with parents.

How to set up a kids play group with close friends and neighbors

Setting up a toddler playgroup is great for your little one plus parents. We show you how to put one together successfully.
Woman standing with a coffee while her electric car charges

Why you shouldn’t buy an electric vehicle for your family road trip

Here's why an electric vehicle may not be the best choice if your family loves road tripping.
A baby's first birthday cake

Need 1st birthday party ideas? These tips and tricks will help you throw a fantastic, stress-free event

Don’t stress the planning of your baby's first birthday. We’re here to help ease the worry around your precious one’s big day.
Five kids reading on a bench outside

The best Juneteenth books middle schoolers will want to read

These are the best Juneteenth books for tweens that they will want to read.
Family on couch watching TV

5 best movies on Disney+ Dad will want to stream on Father’s Day

There are a lot of movies dads will like on Disney+. Here are five marvelous movies to stream with Dad on Father's Day.
A child holding up a whiteboard that says, "Hello, my pronouns are"

Expert advice: Gender identity terms, explained in a way a grade-schooler can understand

Gender identity definitions can be confusing for kids. Experts offer their best advice for discussing gender with your child.
Five kids reading on a bench outside

4 best Juneteenth picture books to teach kids about the holiday

We list the best Juneteenth picture books that can teach kids about the holiday.
Parents talking to teenager

4 best ways to show your LGBTQ teen you support them, according to the experts

We discuss ways to show your LGBTQ teen that you support them.
Parents watching TV with their teen daughter

4 great Netflix movies to stream with your teen this Juneteenth

Looking for movies to watch on Juneteenth? Netflix has great options.