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nursery with rainbow wall decals

4 adorable ways to design a rainbow nursery

Design the perfect rainbow nursery with cute decor ideas.
Spinach puree for baby

How to make spinach puree for babies in 20 minutes

How to make a spinach puree for baby in 20 minutes with little to no effort.
Baby in a crib

When can babies sleep with a blanket without posing a safety risk?

Here are guidelines for when babies can sleep with a blanket without it posing a suffocation risk.
child pulling book off shelf

Good, better, best: Nursery bookshelves worth your hard-earned cash

These are the best baby nursery bookshelves on the market to buy.
two girls walking at school

3 cute kids hairstyles for your kindergartner’s first day of school

These cute kids hairstyles are perfect for the first day of kindergarten.
Kitchen With Bar Stools

6 under $200 kid-safe bar stools at Target you can’t live without

These 6 kid-safe bar stools are all under $200 at Target
organized playroom little girls playing

8 excellent tips for a well-organized playroom

Have a well-organized playroom with these 8 tips.
School Lunch Photo

7 fun back-to-school lunch ideas kids will love

Kids will love these 8 creative back to school lunch ideas
Baby food purees in glass containers

5 creative ways to make your own baby food

Here are 5 creative ways to make your own baby food
child standing in front of tv

5 fantastic shows streaming on Peacock for your 4-year-old

These 5 Peacock shows are perfect for preschoolers.
three little girls with various hairstyles

7 kids hairstyles and braids that will keep girls cool all summer

These 7 kids hairstyles and braids are perfect for summer and will keep girls nice and cool.
Family having breakfast at the table

Should kids drink coffee or is it harmful for them?

Here's why kids should not drink coffee and the hazards it poses to their health.
Girl Pouring Coffee

Experts explain why coffee is bad for tweens

Reasons why coffee is bad for tweens and kids to drink
A father and son playing super heroes in the yard.

Best and worst cities for dads

These are the best and worst cities to raise your kids if you are a dad.
Girl showing her parent a shirt she wants to wear.

How to make hand-me-down clothes seem new for your tween

This is how to make hand-me-down clothes for your kid cool
young boy getting ready to watch a move

4 best beach movies on Disney+ for 10 year olds

The best beach movies for kids on Disney+ with all their favorite characters.
family making salad

5 kid-friendly dinner ideas that don’t require an oven

These kid-friendly dinners are delicious and easy to make.
A parent and kids baking together in the kitchen.

6 easy summer desserts your 7-year-old can help prepare

These summer desserts are quick to make and your kids will love helping in the kitchen.
healthy lunch options girl with sandwich

5 400-calorie lunches your picky eaters will love

Every kid will like these healthy lunch ideas, even picky eaters.
how to child eat refuse picky eater

How to get a child to eat when they refuse

Try these tips when your picky eater refuses to eat
best beach snacks snack

7 best snacks to pack for a day at the beach

These are the snacks you should bring to the beach for hungry kids.
family having a barbecue

7 grilling tips to keep your 5-year-old safe

How to keep your kids safe when you're barbecuing or grilling.
Teddy bear with lights

It’s time for a Teddy Bear Picnic with your 4-year-old

How to throw a Teddy Bear Picnic for your preschooler.
Family on a hike together

5 fun walking games to entertain your 5-year-old

Kids will love playing these fun walking games while enjoying time outside.
old fashioned summer activities lemonade

25 Retro Summer Activities Your Kids Will Turn Off Their Screens For

Make lasting summer memories with 25 old-fashioned activities the entire family can enjoy.
sweet potato and mango baby food puree

How to make mango baby food in 5 minutes

Here's how to make mango baby food for your little one.
mom giving her child lettuce

This genius hack will get your kid to eat more vegetables

Use this strategy to get your kid to eat more veggies.
family in kitchen choosing vegetables

5 delicious ways to get your kids to eat their vegetables this summer

Kids don't always want to eat veggies, but they will when you prepare them these ways.
Baby nursery

Create the perfect princess nursery with this DIY guide

Learn to create a princess nursery with fun princess nursery ideas.
parallel play toddlers children painting

Why parallel play is important for your toddler’s development

Why parallel play is an important part of your toddler's development.
Curious George Christmas movie

5 delightful movies on Hulu for kids to celebrate Christmas in July

Celebrate Christmas in July with these five kid-friendly movies.
Thermostat on a wall

Good, better, best: Portable air conditioners to beat the summer heat

We list the best portable air conditioners you can get to cool down this summer.
A table with baby food ingredients on it and a bowl of baby food puree.

4 best baby-food cookbooks under $20 for when your baby starts eating solids

We list the best baby-food cookbooks you can get for under $20.
Drawer full of baby clothes

7 incredible baby-clothing storage ideas to make your life simpler

Try these hacks for baby-clothes storage ideas, which will make your life a lot easier.
A kids' lemonade stand

7 best tips for a successful kids’ lemonade stand this summer

How can your kids can have a successful lemonade stand? We'll show you how to do it.
Little boy making a sandcastle at a beach

5 fun ways to keep a toddler occupied at the beach

Here's how to keep a toddler occupied at the beach.
Tweens having fun in a pool

6 entertaining swimming games for tweens

Tweens will love playing these fun swimming games in the summer.
Two men looking at a smartphone in the woods

7 apps that make family travel planning easier

Just when we thought family traveling couldn't get any easier, these awesome apps arrived.
Teen girl gardening

4 fun summer activities for teens (that don’t involve a screen)

Use our ideas to give your teen something fun and engaging to do this summer.
Sprinkler spraying kids in a trampoline

Why a trampoline sprinkler is the only thing your kids will need this summer

Your kids will love playing with a trampoline sprinkler this summer.
Girl playing with kite on a beach

5 fun family activities to do outdoors before it gets too hot

These outdoor activities are fun for the family, and you should do them before the temperature rises too high.
Boy posing by his sandcastle

7 incredible beach activities to do with your 9-year-old

We list seven great activities for your 9-year-old to do when you go to the beach.
Clothes hanging on a rack

How to give the whole family a summer makeover on a budget

Dressing your kids for the summer doesn't have to super expensive. We show you how with smart and handy tips.
Child blowing bubbles in a playhouse

Good, better, best: Backyard playhouses your 7-year-old will love

We list the best backyard playhouses for 7-year-old kids.
Artwork of animals for a nursery

7 cute decorations under $20 perfect for an animal-themed nursery

These animal-themed nursery decorations are the cutest.
Girl laying with a sprinkler

The best backyard summer family games under $40

The whole family can enjoy these amazing backyard summer games.
A nursery with moon and stars decorations.

8 amazing girl nursery decor ideas beyond pink

Get inspired by these nursery ideas for girls that aren't the typical pink.
Dad reading to his daughter

8 best bedtime books under $15 to read to your preschooler

Here are the best bedtime books you can read to your preschooler.
Kids having fun playing tag in a park

6 unique tag games to play with your 7-year-old

Make tag interesting with these alternative variations.
Mother and daughter eating vegetables

How to keep food fresh to save your family’s budget

Keep fruits and veggies fresh with these simple solutions.