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Baby with sunscreen on their cheeks

What you need to know to choose the best eczema sunscreen for your baby

Trying to find an eczema sunscreen for your little one? Here's what you need to know to keep your baby's sensitive skin protected.
A mom and toddler playing a game in the living room.

How to teach a toddler to be patient (yes, it’s possible!)

Try these 4 activities to teach your toddler about patience.
Mother and daughter talking.

How to deal with a lying kid — try these simple techniques

Sometimes, kids lie — and here are techniques on how to handle it.
Three kids reading a book inside of a blanket fort

How to build a blanket fort for epic indoor adventures

Blanket forts can help spark imagination -- here's how to build a great one.
Little boy drawing in an art book with colored pencils

6 creative YouTubers who can teach your 6-year-old to draw

Drawing is a skill anyone can learn. These six YouTubers teach kids how to draw.
girl showing a friend how to tie her shoes

How to teach your child to tie shoes using YouTube videos

These five YouTube videos will help your child learn to tie their shoes.
Group of teens using smartphones

Social media for teenagers: 6 ways it can boost self-esteem (seriously!)

Social media is a powerful communication tool for teens. With your guidance, they can receive personal confidence and development from it
Decorations for a Harry Potter party

How to throw a magical Harry Potter marathon for your kids

Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with a magical movie marathon.
A family plays a video game together

These 8 Wii games are the best for your young kids

Keeping your kids entertained and active is tough. But these eight age-appropriate games from the Nintendo Wii are great for young kids.
Two boys playing with the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel.

Inspire the little ones: Shop all Melissa & Doug toys at HSN

Melissa & Doug toys offer little ones countless ways to play. You can shop the collection right now at HSN.
Three girls having fun jumping rope outside

9 easy, timeless jump-rope games every kid will love

Looking for fun jump-rope games to get your kids outside and playing? Try these timeless jump-rope games.
Father talking with son at park

The right ways to correct a child who mispronounces words

The first years of a child’s life are filled with learning new words. it is important to take active steps for your child’s verbal growth
Child painting at an art-themed painting party

All the tips and tricks you need for a fantastic art-themed birthday party for your kid

Your 7-year-old will love having an art-themed birthday party, and here's why.
Mother talking to her teenage daughter.

How to be a great parent to a teenage girl

During a girl's teen years, a healthy parent-child relationship is more important than ever. We have useful tips on how to survive puberty
Three kids sitting and reading books

7 great kids’ books featuring LGBTQ+ characters to add to your child’s bookshelf

Millions of children have LGBTQ+ family members or are LGBTQ+ themselves. We list kids' picture books featuring LGBTQ+ characters.
Toddlers having fun in a playgroup with parents.

How to set up a kids play group with close friends and neighbors

Setting up a toddler playgroup is great for your little one plus parents. We show you how to put one together successfully.
Woman standing with a coffee while her electric car charges

Why you shouldn’t buy an electric vehicle for your family road trip

Here's why an electric vehicle may not be the best choice if your family loves road tripping.
A baby's first birthday cake

Need 1st birthday party ideas? These tips and tricks will help you throw a fantastic, stress-free event

Don’t stress the planning of your baby's first birthday. We’re here to help ease the worry around your precious one’s big day.
Five kids reading on a bench outside

The best Juneteenth books middle schoolers will want to read

These are the best Juneteenth books for tweens that they will want to read.
Family on couch watching TV

5 best movies on Disney+ Dad will want to stream on Father’s Day

There are a lot of movies dads will like on Disney+. Here are five marvelous movies to stream with Dad on Father's Day.
A child holding up a whiteboard that says, "Hello, my pronouns are"

Expert advice: Gender identity terms, explained in a way a grade-schooler can understand

Gender identity definitions can be confusing for kids. Experts offer their best advice for discussing gender with your child.
Five kids reading on a bench outside

4 best Juneteenth picture books to teach kids about the holiday

We list the best Juneteenth picture books that can teach kids about the holiday.
Parents talking to teenager

4 best ways to show your LGBTQ teen you support them, according to the experts

We discuss ways to show your LGBTQ teen that you support them.
Parents watching TV with their teen daughter

4 great Netflix movies to stream with your teen this Juneteenth

Looking for movies to watch on Juneteenth? Netflix has great options.
Niagara Falls Between the United States nd Canada

5 lesser-known things to do in Niagara Falls that won’t involve crowds or queues

Niagara Falls is the iconic family vacation, but it gets so crowded. Here's what to do to beat the crowds.
Kids using science kits

5 easy science lessons for kids any parent can teach in a pinch this summer

Try these science lessons if you have exhausted your science curriculum for the year.
Toddlers playing in a sensory bin of rice

4 best sensory activities your toddler needs this summer for preschool-readiness

These sensory activities will help ensure your toddler is ready for preschool.
A family taking in the sights at Yosemite Park

5 phenomenal things to do in Yosemite with kids you probably don’t know about

There are so many things to do in Yosemite National Park with kids, it can be hard to know where to start. We have tips.
Children under a rainbow cover

3 fun parachute games for kids to break out at your next park playdate

These three parachute games are ideal for the next playdate at the park.
Child playing with colored numbers

How to get your kid to like math in 3 easy steps (yes, it’s that easy)

Teaching kids math? How to get them to like math instead of hate it in three easy steps.
Kids with sunglasses in a pool

Marco Polo for kids, in or out of the water

The game Marco Polo is a classic pool activity played in the summer. We discuss how to make it a safe and fun game for all ages in and out of the pool.
View of the sunset over the Grand Canyon

Make your Grand Canyon family vacation epic with these 5 tips

Our Grand Canyon family vacation tips go beyond viewing the rim and Rim Village.
Kids drawing a mural

Experts agree: 5 benefits of art for your child’s development

Why does art boost child development? Learn what art projects are best.
Family packing the car for a road trip

Survive your next road trip with these 10 must-haves for the car ride

Get these 10 road trip essentials and eliminate any cries of "Are we there yet?"
Summer camp sign

5 incredible summer camp games perfect for your next endlessly boring summer day

Try these summer camp games the next time your kids are bored at home.
Kids having fun at a bowling alley party

How to throw the perfect kids’ bowling birthday party

Bowling birthday parties can be fun for kids of all ages — Here's what you need to know.
A view of the campsite of a couple of families

Follow these tips to avoid disaster when camping with family friends

Camping with friends is a fun summer tradition, but follow our tips to ensure the friendship outlives the camping trip.
Young children playing a game at day care

Those silly day care games kids play are secretly getting them ready for school

Parents may be surprised that these day care games actually help prepare kids for school in the fall.
Summer camp drop-off sign

Counting down the days until summer camp? How to pack your kid’s gear

Is your kid ready for summer camp? Here's what you need to do now to ensure the bus doesn't leave without him.
Preschoolers having fun in gym class

10 essential social skills your preschooler needs to learn now

These social skills activities for preschoolers are crucial for toddlers to learn before their school years.
Young kid watering the garden outdoors

10 outdoor chores that teach school-age kids responsibility

Chores help kids gain a sense of responsibility. They can do these 10 outdoor jobs safely.
A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

10 cheap summer vacation ideas that will save your family a load of cash

These cheap summer vacation ideas will not only save you money, but will provide endless family memories.
Group of children running in capture the flag in a park

How to play capture the flag: Teach your kids the rules

Learn how to play capture the flag and what the rules are.
Mother's Day gifts with a card

We’re over Mother’s Day flowers: Here’s what to get nature-loving moms instead

Five original Mother's Day gifts that go beyond Mother's Day flowers.
Baby painting with balloons and cake for first birthday

Tasty menu ideas for guests at baby’s first birthday party

We list tasty menu ideas for guests at your baby's first birthday party. Take a look.
Child making a DIY gift for Mother's Day

6 incredible Mother’s Day ideas you can help your grade-schoolers set up

Want to help your kids plan the perfect Mother's Day? Try these ideas.
Two girls wearing Mickey ears holding suckers.

Your kids won’t even miss Disney if you try these incredible staycation ideas

The best staycation ideas for parents who don't have the budget or desire to travel this summer.
Stunning photo of one of the arches in Arches National Park in Utah

Visiting national parks: Your complete guide to planning family travel

Visiting national parks is amazing, but can be stressful. Get our tips first.
kids having fun on Easter egg hunt

7 surefire ways to ensure your Easter egg hunt is fun for all ages

Try these strategies and ideas to ensure every kid has fun at the Easter egg hunt.

10 treats for your kids’ Easter baskets we bet you haven’t thought of

We bet you haven't thought of these 10 ideas for your kids' easter baskets