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Two kids having fun playing video games on the couch

The best educational video games for fourth graders

These video games are fun and educational for kids.
toddler girl having fun playing with finger paint

Teaching toddlers colors should be fun – here’s how

Here are fun tips for teaching toddlers to recognize colors.
Family on a road trip

6 Apple Maps features that will make your family road trip easier

These Apple Maps features make going on a road trip with your family easy.
toddler girl having fun finger painting

5 easy summer crafts for toddlers to do this weekend

These crafts are easy to do with toddlers on a summer weekend.
Paw Patrol movie

Get a sneak peek Paw Patrol movie experience with Walmart’s special offer

Get access to a Paw Patrol virtual movie when you pre-order toys
Little girl having fun playing in the sand with beach toys

The best beach toys under $20 you can get at Walmart today

These are the best beach toys you can get for the summer at budget-friendly prices.
Father and son enyoing a television show together

3 fantastic shows on Paramount+ your preschooler will love

Preschoolers will be totally entertained by these great shows.
Teen enjoying a summer read in the park

5 books your teen should read on summer break

Keep teens reading over summer break with these engaging titles.
Kids and adults having fun in public pool

Do these 7 things to keep your kids safe at the public pool this summer

How to keep your kids safe at the public pool this summer.
kids catching butterflies at a party

8 great bugs-themed birthday party ideas your child will love

What should you do for a bug themed birthday party?
mom and tween daughters working together on family vegetable garden

4 fun vegetable garden games to foster your fifth grader’s green thumb

Kids will love playing these games in the vegetable garden.
Sister and brother having fun playing with backyard sprinkler

6 fun water games for 8-year-olds when you don’t have a pool

Kids don't need a pool to get soaked this summer. Try these alternatives.
cute toddler boy having fun on indoor climbing toy

Good, better best: Toddler climbing toys worth the expense

Looking for the best toddler climbing toys? Try these.
A young girls expresses her gratitude by givng a gift

6 effective ways to teach first graders to be grateful

How to teach kids to be grateful and show appreciation.
Kids having fun playing basketball outside

6 fun backyard basketball games for 8-year-olds

Kids will love playing these basketball games all year long.
25 books your child wont get through the summer without read feature

25 books your child won’t get through the summer without

All it takes is one book to turn a reluctant reader into a reader. From board books to graphic novels, these 25 books are ideal summer companions.
Curious George Christmas movie

5 delightful movies on Hulu for kids to celebrate Christmas in July

Celebrate Christmas in July with these five kid-friendly movies.
Family on a road trip

7 quiet road trip games for kids to keep them busy in the car

Kids will love these road-trip games, and you'll love that they're quiet.
Thermostat on a wall

Good, better, best: Portable air conditioners to beat the summer heat

We list the best portable air conditioners you can get to cool down this summer.
Family car camping near water

Car camping has never been easier with this pop-up tent

This pop-up tent is perfect for your next camping trip.
A family moving in to a house

Why these kid-friendly features add value to your home

If you're looking to buy or sell a house, these kid-friendly features up the home's value.
Calendar with pregnancy test

6 telltale signs you should take a pregnancy test now

We discuss the signs of when it's time to take a pregnancy test.
A kids' lemonade stand

7 best tips for a successful kids’ lemonade stand this summer

How can your kids can have a successful lemonade stand? We'll show you how to do it.
Young woman in a chair using her iPhone

5 harmful apps you should delete from your iPhone right now

You should delete these apps from your phone right now.
fourth of july movies flags

10 Fourth of July movies your family will salute

Rally around these classic American movies that will get the entire family into the Fourth of July spirit.
Little girl with rubber boots jumping in a puddle

You should let your kid go puddle jumping — here’s why

Don't walk around those puddles -- here's why puddle jumping is great for kids.
Toddler dipping their feet in pool

How to help a toddler who’s scared of the water

Is your toddler scared of the water? Here's what to do.
Little boy making a sandcastle at a beach

5 fun ways to keep a toddler occupied at the beach

Here's how to keep a toddler occupied at the beach.
Toddler girl celebrating summer backyard birthday

3 amazing summer birthday party ideas for toddlers they’ll love

If your toddler has a summer birthday, try these great party ideas.
Tweens having fun in a pool

6 entertaining swimming games for tweens

Tweens will love playing these fun swimming games in the summer.
Teenager on her phone

Is TikTok safe for 11-year-olds? What you need to know

Here's what you need to know about tweens and TikTok.
Preschooler wearing headphones

The best headphones under $25 to protect your preschooler from fireworks

We list the best headphones for preschoolers you need on the Fourth of July.
Girl reading under tree

6 helpful tips so your second grader will be ahead when school starts

During summer, your second grader needs to stay sharp for school while still having fun. We show you how.
Two men looking at a smartphone in the woods

7 apps that make family travel planning easier

Just when we thought family traveling couldn't get any easier, these awesome apps arrived.
Child making Fourth of July DIY decorations

4 patriotic crafts tweens can make for Independence Day

Decorate your Fourth of July with these DIY crafts your tweens can make.
Teen girl gardening

4 fun summer activities for teens (that don’t involve a screen)

Use our ideas to give your teen something fun and engaging to do this summer.
Two little girls making July Fourth crafts

6 easy 4th of July crafts for toddlers that won’t make a mess

These Fourth of July crafts are so easy, toddlers can do them.
Sprinkler spraying kids in a trampoline

Why a trampoline sprinkler is the only thing your kids will need this summer

Your kids will love playing with a trampoline sprinkler this summer.
Fourth of July fireworks watched by a girl

8 best tips to keep your toddler calm during fireworks

This is how to help a toddler who's afraid of fireworks.
Family having fun at the beach

This beach life hack will make your life easier, and all you need is a fitted sheet

Use this neat life hack trick the next time you and your family go to the beach.
Drawing of road trip items

Weird roadside attractions in every state perfect for a family road trip

Road trip! Before you hit the highway, check out our list of America's roadside attractions that will amaze and delight your family.
delicious desserts for a Fourth of July party

How to throw an amazing Fourth of July party with your family

Make your family's Fourth of July party super fun with these 9 ideas.
Girl watching iPad

4 best summer camp flicks your 9-year-old can stream on their iPad

We list the four best summer-camp movies kids can watch.
Supplies for summer school on a table

How to prepare your middle schooler for summer school

Here's what to do when your child has to attend summer school.
Couple watching a movie on the Fourth of July

5 kid-friendly movies to watch as a family on the 4th of July

These movies are great to watch as a family on July 4th.
Girl playing with kite on a beach

5 fun family activities to do outdoors before it gets too hot

These outdoor activities are fun for the family, and you should do them before the temperature rises too high.
Boy posing by his sandcastle

7 incredible beach activities to do with your 9-year-old

We list seven great activities for your 9-year-old to do when you go to the beach.
Girl drawing outside with sidewalk chalk

6 fun summer activities for preschoolers who love art

Preschoolers will love these summertime art projects.
Family enjoying fireworks at night

5 useful tips to keep your family safe this Fourth of July

Sparklers and fireworks can be dangerous. Here's what you need to know.
Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky

4 best apps to make your family’s Fourth of July better

Use these apps to help ensure you and your family have a great Fourth of July.