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A mother and son carve a Halloween pumpkin

How to carve a pumpkin with 6 easy designs

Learn how to carve a pumpkin, plus get easy design ideas
Family capturing moment with iphone 13 camera

Why the new iPhone 13 camera features make it a must have for families

IPhone camera gives families easier memories with the touch of a button.
choose kindness

How to teach your 5-year-old kindness

Here's how to teach your five-year-old about the concepts of kindness.
colored felt for projects

5 easy felt crafts your 6-year-old can do

Here are five easy crafts your six-year-old can do
A happy family looking at a laptop planning a trip.

5 great day trip ideas for fall in the Northeast

Here are 5 fun day trip ideas for families in the northeast.
family enjoying a run together in the park

How to teach kids to love running

Here are some easy ways to teach your kids to love running
Baby shower party favors on a table

6 unique baby shower games guests will love

Play these 6 unique baby shower games that guests will have fun with.
Teen on social media on her smartphone

How to keep preteens with a new phone safe on social media

Here are things you can do to keep your teen who has a new phone safe
classic warner bros cartoons shutterstock 391260073

10 classic Warner Bros. cartoons to watch together as a family

These classic Warner Bros cartoons are perfect to watch together as a family
Excited family all looking at a laptop.

7 family-friendly Airbnb rentals in California

These 7 Airbnbs in California are perfect for families.
A family looking out over the water.

5 great day trip ideas for fall in California

Here are 5 really fun day trip ideas for families in CA.
A happy family lying down all smiling

5 great day trip ideas for fall in Texas

Here are 5 fun day trip ideas for families in Texas.
A couple finding the perfect AirBnb

7 family-friendly Airbnb rentals in Texas

These 7 Airbnb's in Texas are perfect for families
young girl being kind to her grandma by surprising her with flowers

4 kindness activities for kids that will show them how to treat others

These 4 kindness activities for kids will show them how to treat others.
silent movie classics shutterstock 541695331

10 silent movie classics that will delight your family

Watch these 10 silent movies with your family for a fun activity.
happy girl learning to ride a skateboard

The best kids skateboards under $40 you can get

These are the best kids skateboards you can buy for under $40.
young girl having fun cooking in the kitchen

How to get kids cooking in the kitchen

Cooking is a life skill and here's how to get kids cooking in the kitchen
A family gathered around the computer

7 family-friendly Airbnb rentals in the northeast

These Airbnbs in the Northeast are perfect for families.
Two young children picking apples in orchard

4 best apple recipes to make after picking

Here are four easy apple recipes to make with freshly picked apples.
classic foreign films shutterstock 750823333

10 foreign films that will expand your children’s horizons

The best foreign films are your passport to a world of entertainment. Take your next family movie night to far-flung places with these 10 all-ages gems.
Entrance to a fun fall corn mazel

How to get out of a corn maze without getting lost

Here's what to do if you and your family get lost in a corn maze
Girl Playing

5 ways playing outside benefits kids

Here are 5 ways playing outside is beneficial to kids
Mom and daughter playing musical game

Now is the perfect time for your family to exercise together – here’s how

Here are some great ways to get your family to exercise together
Mother and daughter having fun cooking.

10 easy recipes you can make with your kids

Try these 10 easy recipes with your kids to teach them how to cook
soccer birthday cake for a sports-themed birthday party

6 coolest sports-themed birthday party ideas worth a gold medal

Here are 6 cool sports-themed birthday party ideas for kids.
A family having fun outside.

8 fun things to do with kids on Labor Day

Here are 8 fun things to do with kids on Labor Day.
A family playing a game of horseshoes outside.

How to teach your kids to play horseshoes

Learn how to teach kids to play horseshoes so everyone has fun.
Grade school children doing a science experiment.

4 amazing science podcasts your 4th grader will love

These are the best science podcasts for 4th graders.
Teal Cake

5 unique birthday party ideas for kids

Here are 5 creative birthday party ideas for kids.
happy preschoolers jumping on an animal walk

Why animal walks are fantastic for preschoolers

Animal walks are a great activity for kids and encourage learning
Girl reading under tree

8 literacy games for kids that will encourage them to read

These 5 literacy games for kids are perfect for encouraging them to love reading
What to do on Labor Day weekedn with your family

6 family-friendly ways to relax this Labor Day weekend

These 6 family-friendly Labor Day activities are fun for everyone
A family enjoying being together.

7 fun things to do with your kids before they go back to school

7 fun things to do with kids before school starts.
A family enjoying movie night together.

5 comedies on Netflix the whole family will want to watch

5 family-friendly Netflix comedies the whole family will love watching.
girl watching videos

6 educational YouTubers your tween will love

6 educational YouTubers for tweens that they'll love
Little girl excited for her unicorn-themed birthday party

How to create the ultimate unicorn-themed birthday party

Throw the ultimate unicorn-themed birthday party with these easy ideas.
Toddler girl using educatinal app on smartphone

5 best toddler educational apps that are actually useful

These five toddler educational apps are perfect for learning.
colorful tie-dye shirts hanging on a line

How to tie-dye shirts without a mess

Learn how to tie-dye shirts without making a huge mess
black and white movies heidi

10 black and white movies that will make your kids love them

Here are 10 classics to introduce your kids to the joys of black & white movies.
Excited freshman girl

Teaching your teen money management skills before college

Here's how to teach your teen money management skills before college.
A toddler boy riding a bike.

The best balance bikes for toddlers you can have delivered today

These are the best balance bikes for your toddler.
Smiling Boy

6 creative family game night ideas

Play these 6 creative games for a fun family game night
Young girl is having difficulty reading a book

How to make reading fun when your kid is having trouble

Learn how to make reading fun for a kid who is having trouble.
Family posing for a selfie on a road trip

The best national parks your family can drive to

These are the best national parks for families that you can drive to
Popcorn with sunglasses and movie tickets

10 summer family movies to enjoy all year long

From "The Parent Trap" to "Goonies" we've picked 10 great summer movies that are as memorable as the season itself.
young girl selling her old toys at a garage sale

7 handy tips for a successful garage sale this summer

Try these seven tips to have a successful garage sale.
Teen girl moving into college

7 skills to teach teens before they head off to college

Don't drop your teen off at the dorm without teaching these essential life skills.
woman giving her television screan a cleaning

Spring cleaning 101: How to clean a TV

This is the best way to clean your television when you're doing spring cleaning.
dad and son doing some back to school shopping

Save on back-to-school supplies with these great life hacks

Here's how to save money on back to school supplies.
Kids reading outside on a summer day

5 ways to prevent summer slide in your kids

Don't let summer slide ruin the progress your kids made this school year.