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A child about to spit a spitbal on another child in school.

Why your kid suddenly started spitting and how to stop this gross behavior

Why your kid suddenly started spitting and how to stop this gross behavior.

Toddler tries a pepper for the first time and we can totally relate

Watch as this toddler tries a hot pepper for the first time.
happy toddler boy reading a picture book

8 simple steps that’ll help teach your toddler to read

8 simple steps for helping you teach your toddler to read
A teen blowing out vape smoke

6 awful side effects that vaping might have on your teen

6 awful side effects that vaping might have on your teen

4 telltale signs your baby might be allergic to milk and what you can do

How to tell that your baby might be allergic to milk and what you can do about it
Toddler lying down on the floor having a meltdown

3 common child behavior problems you may be having and how to solve them

3 common child behavior problems you may be having and how to solve them
Teenager at home on social media

6 alarming ways social media may be causing your teen anxiety

6 alarming ways social media may be causing your teen anxiety
Child crying while playing at table with siblings.

This is why your kid is crying for no reason (Hint: They have a reason)

This is why your kid is crying for no reason (Hint: They have a reason)
Mother and midwife or doula looking at the newborn baby.

Is a postpartum doula really necessary?

Is a postpartum doula really necessary? Here's what we know

These 5 signs mean your baby is probably going through a growth spurt

Watch for these 5 signs that your baby is having a growth spurt.
Daughter placing money in piggy bank as Mom watches

5 cool ways to make money as a kid you’ll wish you’d thought of

Here are 5 easy ways that kids can make their own money.
Baby girl standing and waving in crib.

Is your baby waking up too early? Here’s what you can do about it

Follow these tips if your baby is waking up way too early.
Young boy setting table for lunch

How to raise a responsible child who isn’t an ungrateful brat

Follow these tips to raise a responsible child instead of a brat.
Child smiling and writing in a notebook

How to raise an independent child: Our best tips

These tips will help you to raise a child who's independent.

6 warning signs and key symptoms of ADHD in toddlers

Watch out for these common signs of ADHD in toddlers.

How to stop your teen from being rude to everyone around them

These tips will help you turn your teen's rude attitude around.
annoying tween and dad

How to manage pre-teen behavior without totally losing your mind

Try these tips for getting through the hell of pre-teen behavior.
A mom listening to a podcast with her teen sitting on the floor in the background.

8 podcasts parents of teens need to listen to right now

If you have a teen, you'll want to listen to these 8 podcasts.
Pregnant person holding an apple.

Trying to get pregnant? Avoid these four foods, say experts

If you want to get pregnant, cut these foods out of your diet immediately.
Two small children sitting on the couch sick and blowing their noses.

Does your child have RSV? Scary symptoms to watch out for

Watch for these signs that your child might have RSV.
Baby with peanut butter on their face

Watch for these scary signs to know if your baby has a peanut allergy

If your baby has a peanut allergy, you'll know by these awful signs.

Safely and quickly lose weight while breastfeeding by following these tips

A guide to how you can easily and safely lose weight while breastfeeding.
A child holds a sign that says thank you

7 manners your kid should know by age 10 if you’re raising them right

If your kid knows these 7 manners, you're doing a good job.
Teacher with cell phone in classroom scolding schoolgirl

Why are tweens so awkward in social situations? The reason is kind of sad

There's a specific reason why tweens are so awkward.

5 ways new dads can bond with baby without stressing mom out

Dads can bond with baby by trying these 5 easy methods.
Mom breastfeeds baby and Dad watches.

Can a dad breastfeed? (Yes, he can, and we’re serious.)

Can a dad breastfeed? In theory, they actually can.
Father and son in a field with a kite

6 father-and-son activities that serve as a teaching experience

Here are 6 father-and son-activities where dads can teach their kids about life

Is it safe to have a cocktail while breastfeeding or should you pump and dump?

Here's the truth about whether it's safe to have alcohol while breastfeeding.

Does your teen seem depressed all the time? An expert tells us when to worry

If your teen seems depressed, watch for these signs that something serious is going on.

Can you get pregnant while you’re exclusively breastfeeding? Be very careful

Here's the truth about whether you can get pregnant while breastfeeding.
Toddler eating

Do these four things immediately if your baby is choking

Here are 4 things to do right away if your baby is choking
A mother breastfeeding her baby

The 5 best breastfeeding positions for making mealtime comfy for mom and baby

These are the top 5 breastfeeding positions that are easy on mom and baby.
Dad holding baby in the nursery.

8 tips for new dads on what life with a newborn is really like

Here are 8 tips for new dads who are overwhelmed and exhausted.
Teens having fun playing video games

How to treat your child’s video game addiction before it’s too late

How to detox your child from video games without a struggle.

This nutrition guide for toddlers should be displayed on your fridge

Nutrition for toddlers is so important. Use this toddler nutrition guide.
preschool girl dreaming looking out window

Parents need to do this one key thing to ensure their kids succeed in life

Do kids need goals? Why goals are important for development.
toddler on tablet

Is technology bad for kids? Here’s the truth and what you can do about it

Are there positive effects of technology on children?
Little girl holding Frisbee

6 games your family can play with just a Frisbee

If you and your family have a Frisbee, you can play a number of fun, family-friendly games. We provide a list of great ideas to enjoy
Hands holding a sign and wrapped chains

Does your teen have compulsive video gaming disorder? What you can do about it

Is gaming really a disorder? Here's how to tell if your child is at risk of compulsive gaming.
toddler gift guide eating cake

Toddler won’t eat meat? How to turn them into a bacon and burgers lover

What to do when your toddler won't eat meat with the family.

Mom’s news report of her ‘terrorist’ toddler’s meltdown is totally spot-on

Mom does a fake news report of her toddler's tantrum and it's going viral.

2022 is totally going to suck: Here’s how to make it better for your kids

This year will be just as hard for kids as 2021. Here's how to make it better.
woman looking out window with baby

8 early warning signs of postpartum depression to be on the lookout for

There are 8 early warning signs that you have postpartum depression.
Feet weighing on scale

How much weight should you gain during the first trimester? It depends

Find out how much weight you should gain during the first trimester.
Mom taking to her son

6 simple ways to get lying teenagers to be more truthful

Why do teens lie? Try these easy methods to make teens stop lying.
baby and mom in a city

Give your baby a nickname to remember with this super-simple lifehack

No one will forget baby's name if you go this route.
Angry child lying on bed with father

How to stop your kid’s tantrums when they’re way too old to be melting down

Get older kids to stop having tantrums with these tips.
A young girl holding her stomach talking to her mom.

Why do kids hold their poop? How to deal with stool withholding

There are a few reasons your kid might be holding their poop.
Woman holding baby.

Postpartum hair loss: What you can do to stop strands from falling out

Here's what you can do to relieve postpartum hair loss.
Name tag on pregnant belly

20 vintage baby names that will never go out of style

These vintage baby names are always on trend and never go out of style.