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Giving toddler medicine

How to get your toddler to take medicine – try this simple hack

This hack will help parents to get their toddlers to take medicine. Try it, it's pretty simple.
Toddler refusing to eat healthy lunch/snack of fruit and drink her milk

Almost half of kids ages 1 to 5 don’t eat a daily veggie (and one-third don’t eat fruit)

A study has shown that almost 50% of kids between the ages of 1 and 5 aren't eating vegetables daily.
Excited family boarding an airplane for family reunion

These are the best cities for kid-friendly vacations

Check out this ranking of the top cities in the U.S. before planning your next kid-friendly vacation.
Pregnant woman sleeping on her side

A new study says pregnant women should do this before bed

A new study shows that dimming lights before bed can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
Family cooking together

Save money and avoid food waste: This site finds family dinner ideas using what you already have

This site helps you create meals with what you have in your fridge and avoid food waste.
Detox soup, chicken and vegetables

5 healthy detox soups to feed your family this spring

5 healthy detox soups to feed your family this spring that are packed with veggies.
Woman suffering from postpartum depression

Moms with depression may be hurting their child’s development, study shows

Mothers who are suffering from depression may unknowingly be impacting their child's development.
Toddler girl eating fruit in the kitchen

How to plan your toddler’s feeding schedule to keep them happy

How to create and stick to a toddler feeding schedule.
Toddler girl pouring ketchup on spaghetti

Why do toddlers have weird eating habits? The mystery is solved

Toddlers have weird eating habits. Here's how to hack them.
Toddler refusing to eat healthy lunch/snack of fruit and drink her milk

Toddler not eating? Try these genius ideas and tips

Having a toddler that won't eat anything gets frustrating. Here's why your tot won't take a bite and how to get their appetite back.
Toddler boy standing with arms crossed

What to feed your constipated toddler to get things moving

Here's what you can feed your constipated toddler to help them feel better.
A family eating a big holiday meal together

Get the family on a healthy eating kick in 2023 with these simple weeknight meals

Get on a family health kick with easy weeknight meals and recipes.
Mom and daughter making homemade Christmas ornaments

5 expert tips for co-parenting during the holidays

Experts weigh in with tips on how to effectively co-parent during the holiday season.
The essentials to teach teens how to make a budget

The best ways parents can cut costs and save money in 2023

Here are the best ways for parents to save some money in 2023.
A group of children running across the snow carrying sleds

Follow these kid sledding safety tips if they plan on going out this winter

Are you and the kids ready for the winter snow? Before you slide down a single hill, here are kid sledding safety tips you need for this winter.
Adorable felt snowman craft

5 winter crafts for kids to make when they’re bored and stuck indoors

Need ideas for a wintery afternoon when it's too cold to go out and play? Try these winter crafts for kids on your next snowy day.
Kids enjoying snow as an outdoor activity

The best winter activities for kids you probably haven’t thought of

Get kids active this winter with these winter activities.
Toddler in ballet class

The best toddler dance classes for your 3-year-old

Here are some of the best dance classes for toddlers that you can consider enrolling your 3-year-old in.
Chef enjoying the smell of freshly cooked soup

How to make minestrone soup perfect for any weeknight

Learn how to make minestrone soup perfect for a quick and healthy weeknight meal.
Table with fresh, homemade food.

10 healthy family meals to add into your weekly rotation to spice things up

Trying to eat healthy? These healthy family meals will please everyone.
Doctor listening to baby's lungs

When and why you should be concerned about your newborn’s breathing

Know when you should be concerned about your newborn's breathing.
Pregnant woman timing contractions

These are the best contraction timers to track the stages of labor

Learn how contraction timers can help you during labor and check out these best timers.

6 fantastic reasons to enroll your child in toddler gymnastics classes today

Here's why you should consider enrolling your child in toddler gymnastics classes

10 cute baby boy nicknames with tons of personality

These boy nicknames are so catchy and fun. Find cute nicknames for your baby boy.
A small child grabbing cereal from a bowl.

These incredible breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds will please even the pickiest of eaters

Here's what to make for breakfast for even the pickiest 1-year-olds.
woman deleting period tracker app from her phone

Roe v. Wade is making women delete period tracking apps: Here’s why

Are period tracking apps a danger to your privacy? Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid these food choking hazards for toddlers at all costs

How common is toddler choking? Learn what choking hazards to watch for.
Toddlers playing in a sensory bin of rice

4 best sensory activities your toddler needs this summer for preschool-readiness

These sensory activities will help ensure your toddler is ready for preschool.
Teen sleeping with pizza on bed

10 obnoxious teen habits every parent recognizes (but wishes they didn’t)

These 10 common and annoying teen habits will have you groaning in recognition.
Family enjoying resort vacation

Need parental alone time? 8 great resorts with kids’ clubs worth the splurge

All-inclusive resorts often offer kids clubs that allow parents some alone time. Find out which ones are worth the splurge.
Kids drawing a mural

Experts agree: 5 benefits of art for your child’s development

Why does art boost child development? Learn what art projects are best.
Family packing the car for a road trip

Survive your next road trip with these 10 must-haves for the car ride

Get these 10 road trip essentials and eliminate any cries of "Are we there yet?"
Young children playing a game at day care

Those silly day care games kids play are secretly getting them ready for school

Parents may be surprised that these day care games actually help prepare kids for school in the fall.
Summer camp drop-off sign

Counting down the days until summer camp? How to pack your kid’s gear

Is your kid ready for summer camp? Here's what you need to do now to ensure the bus doesn't leave without him.
Parent preparing smoothie for breakfast

8 quick, cheap breakfast ideas that will fuel your kid’s school day

Try our cheap breakfast recipes ideas the next time you are out of inspiration for your kid's breakfast.
Mother and daughter hugging near car

5 amazing grad gifts your college-bound teen will actually use

Celebrate your teen with these grad gifts that prove useful in college and beyond.
Baby sitting in highchair refusing to eat.

5 surefire warning signs your baby will need feeding therapy

Will your infant need feeding therapy? Find out from experts.

The ultimate guide to choosing your kid’s bike size for optimal safety

Time for a new bike? Here's how to choose your kid's bike size.

Always offer these 5 things to a toddler with a stomach bug

Does your toddler have a stomach bug? He needs these five things fast.

How to get a toddler to take medicine (even if you’re not Mary Poppins)

Do you have a stubborn toddler who won't take medicines? Here's what to do.

How to treat baby heat rash even when the temps go sky high

Does your baby suffer from heat rash? Here's how to treat baby heat rash.

You won’t believe how easy this chicken carbonara recipe is to make

This chicken carbonara recipe is so easy to make, anyone can do it.

Win Mom of the Year after making one of these tater tot casseroles

Everyone will gobble up dinner after you make one of these tater tot casserole ideas.
Pregnant woman drinking water while on the couch.

Super thirsty during pregnancy? How much water should a pregnant woman drink?

Is there such thing as drinking too much water while pregnant?

10 treats for your kids’ Easter baskets we bet you haven’t thought of

We bet you haven't thought of these 10 ideas for your kids' easter baskets

How to safely teach your toddler to ski

How to safely teach your toddler to ski, a great outdoor activity

Dad’s reaction to his baby’s fake eyebrows goes viral on Instagram and we can’t stop laughing

This dad's reaction to his baby's fake eyebrows goes viral on Instagram.
A toddler throwing food off the high chair.

The ultimate guide to stop your toddler’s annoying habit of throwing food

The ultimate guide on how to stop your toddler from throwing their food

Toddler tries a pepper for the first time and we can totally relate

Watch as this toddler tries a hot pepper for the first time.
A teen blowing out vape smoke

6 awful side effects that vaping might have on your teen

6 awful side effects that vaping might have on your teen