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microsoft family safety app

The Microsoft safety app for Android and iOS is something every family needs

Here's what you need to know about the Microsoft safety app
Teenager on her phone

6 apps to chat with your family and keep track of everyone’s whereabouts

Try these family chat apps to communicate all day long
Pregnant woman hiking on a trail

Your second trimester: What to expect during the ‘sweet spot’ of pregnancy

Here's what you can expect during the second trimester of pregnancy
Mom suffers postpartum depression

6 ways to support a mother who has postpartum depression

Here are Easy Ways to Help a Mom Who Has Postpartum Depression
Avocado toast.

7 healthy lunch ideas for teens you can make in 10 minutes

Here are some quick and healthy lunches your teenager can make themself.
father changing diaper

How to change a toddler’s diaper when they won’t stop squirming

Diaper changes with a fidgety kid requires extra care.
Sleeping toddler

Toddler sleep regression: What it is, and how you may be able to fix it

This is what causes toddler sleep regression and how to correct it.
Teen daughter and mom talking

5 mistakes to avoid when trying to motivate an angsty, moody teenager

Here's advice on how to motivate and inspire your teenager
A toddler grabbing some food off of a plate.

8 best brain food for toddlers they’ll actually eat and enjoy

The best foods for baby brain development that baby will love.
A little girl who finished drinking a glass of milk.

How much milk should a toddler drink each day? Don’t offer too much

Here are guidelines on how much milk a toddler should drink
Child using a walkie-talkie

Kids will love these cool walkie-talkies all under $25

Check out these walkie-talkies that kids will love
kid friendly fruit recipes child with orange

When can babies have oranges? Be cautious before offering them

There's a certain age when it's safe to give your baby oranges for the first time.
the best stretch mark creams for your pregnancy young pregnant women applying cream on her belly

The best pregnancy-safe skincare products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly

These are the best pregnancy-safe skincare brands under X dollars that you can find on the market.
baby tummy time smiling on mom

How does the adoption process work and what should parents expect?

Here's how the adoption process works and how to start it.
Toddler sucking on back of their hand.

What causes speech delays in toddlers? Here’s what might be going on

Here are some of the causes of speech delays in toddlers.
new parents gift guide pregnant lesbian couple

What is reciprocal surrogacy and how does the process work?

Here is everything you need to know about reciprocal surrogacy.
An activity table toy for a baby

7 important features every baby activity table should have

Activity tables can help babies learn and develop. We discuss seven features that are fun and essential for development.
Pregnant woman feeling her baby kick

Everything you need to know about how to start the surrogacy process

Here's what you need to do to begin the surrogacy process
pregnant lady's tummy

How does gestational surrogacy work? Here’s what you can expect

Everything to know about how gestational surrogacy works.
Baby boy in a crib.

Ask yourself these 4 questions before you buy a convertible crib

Here's everything you need to know about convertible cribs.
child afraid dogs scared of dog

What to do if your child is afraid of dogs

Here's what to do if your child is afraid of dogs.
Baby with food smiling

What you need to know about raising a vegan baby

Here is everything you need to know about raising your baby vegan.
doctor talking to pregnant patient

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage: What you need to know

Here's everything you need to know about getting pregnant after a miscarriage.
Crying baby sitting up.

7 soothing colicky baby remedies you should try

These 7 home remedies will help calm your colicky baby.
A little girl sleeping

How to help kids adjust to the fall back time change

Here's how to help keep your kids on track when the fall time change happens
support bereaved parent iphone sitting on table

Features about the new iPhone 13 that parents will flip for

The new iPhone 13 offers parents more for their money with more features.
boppy newborn lounger recall

Boppy recalling 3 million newborn loungers: What you need to know

Boppy is recalling 3 million newborn loungers due to suffocation deaths.
baby falls off bed uh oh

What to do if your baby falls off the bed

Here's what you need to do if your baby falls off the bed
Mom fixing daughter's hair and putting it in braids

Try these hacks to stop the crying when styling your daughter’s hair

Here are tricks for doing your kid's hair that makes it easier
teenagers sleep deprivation teen boy on phone in bed

How much sleep do teenagers need? Yours likely isn’t getting enough

How much sleep do teenagers need? Your teen likely isn't getting enough
egg carton crafts painting

6 unique egg carton crafts your six year old can make

Your 6-year-old will love these 6 fun egg carton crafts
son helping dad with chore

6 eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic for families

These 6 eco-friendly cleaning products are safe and non-toxic.
postpartum hair loss

How to deal with postpartum hair loss

Here's how to treat postpartum hair loss after having a baby
pregnancy gadgets pillow

7 must-have pregnancy gadgets for expectant moms

These 7 pregnancy gadgets are cool and useful for moms to be
toddler nap mats stars mat

The best toddler nap mats under $45 your kids will love

These toddler nap mats are perfect for your tot and all are under $40
baby tummy time reaching for toy

Try these great tips when baby hates tummy time

Try these X tips to encourage tummy time when your baby hates it
Baby sleeping on their back.

Tips for keeping baby on a sleep schedule with the fall time change

Here's how to keep baby on a sleep schedule even with the fall time change
Mom pushing stroller in a park

7 postpartum workout tips for new moms

Here are 7 postpartum workout tips for new moms to get in shape.
gender neutral nursery picks peacock mobile

Create the perfect gender-neutral nursery with these unique picks

These awesome finds will help you create the perfect gender-neutral nursery
little boy riding diditrike

The 6 best tricycles for toddlers on Amazon right now

These are the best tricycles for toddlers on Amazon.
preschool lunch box dinosaur lunchbox

6 adorable preschool lunch boxes you need to add to your cart right now

These 6 preschool lunch boxes are perfect for little kids.
Pregnant woman with headache

What causes headaches during pregnancy and when to call a doctor

Learn what causes a headache during pregnancy, what's normal, and when to be concerned and call a doctor.
A baby holding a bottle.

Glass vs. plastic baby bottles: Which is better?

Experts weigh in on whether glass baby bottles or plastic baby bottles are better for babies.
Group of kids at a table in school eating lunch

Our 5 favorite kid-friendly lunch containers for tots on the go

These 5 toddler lunch containers are perfect for on-the-go.
how to buy tent family eating camping

How to choose a tent that will fit your family and your budget

How to choose a tent for the family based on needs and budget.
A family playing a game of horseshoes outside.

How to keep score in horseshoes for households of all kinds

How to keep score during a game of horseshoes while playing with your family.
Woman breastfeeding a baby

20+ ways to keep baby awake during breastfeeding

Here are X expert tips for how to keep your baby awake while you're breastfeeding
disney plus beach movies boy watching movie

4 best beach movies on Disney+ for 10 year olds

The best beach movies for kids on Disney+ with all their favorite characters.
healthy lunch options girl with sandwich

5 400-calorie lunches your picky eaters will love

Every kid will like these healthy lunch ideas, even picky eaters.
how to child eat refuse picky eater

How to get a child to eat when they refuse

Try these tips when your picky eater refuses to eat