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Little girl reading a book

7 books about inspiring Black women from history

Black women have made history and their stories can be taught to kids through Black History Month books and Women's History Month books like these.
Child making a paper heart with scissors

Show your young child you love them with these Valentine’s Day toddler activities

Valentine's Day with kids can be fun. These Valentine's Day toddler activities will ensure they feel loved and included.
A mother reading her young child a bedtime story.

6 children’s picture books with LGBTQ+ love stories for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate love with these kids' books about crushes, weddings, and romance from an LGBTQ+ perspective.
Young girl reading a book

10 educational children’s books for Black History Month

These 10 books about Black history for kids will educate children about important stories for Black History Month.
Dad talking to daughter

These are the top subjects to cover when you talk to teens about sex – What your child needs to know

Figuring out how to talk to teens about sex can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be. This guide arms you with the five things to cover in "the talk."
Teen girl with red folder

Should I send my teen daughter to boarding school? Here are some insights

Teen girl boarding schools have many benefits like academic excellence, growing self-confidence, and high levels of supervision. Here's what else.
Teen playing video games

Watch out for these top symptoms of video game addiction in teens

What are the symptoms of video gaming addiction? What can you do?
Little girl with a hula hoop and weights

8 indoor exercise ideas to keep kids from getting bored and bouncing off the walls this winter

Trying to figure out how to keep kids active during the winter? Try these eight fun activities that include plenty of movement.
Ovulation testing strip kit

5 ways to detect ovulation at home naturally

If you're trying to conceive, here are five ways to detect ovulation naturally at home.
Baby shower banner

Baby shower icebreakers for every type of party

No matter the party, icebreakers are important. We list some classic and creative ideas for the best baby shower icebreakers.
Youology: A Puberty Guide for Every Body

Looking for a puberty book for your tween that’s gender-inclusive? We’ve got 4

These puberty books are inclusive of LGBTQ and gender topics and language.
Swaddled baby on a bed.

Is swaddling safe? What the experts say about baby wrapping

Here's what you need to know about whether swaddling is safe for baby
Woman placing nursing pad in her shirt

Nursing pads: Everything you need to know

Everything moms need to know about using nursing pads.
A teen boy at the wheel with Dad watching

How to teach a teenager to drive without tears (or dented bumpers)

Here's how to teach your teenager to drive without any mishaps

The dirty truth about cloth diapers

The ins and outs of traditional cloth diapers and how to make them work.
Teenager rolling eyes at parents

How to deal with your teenage daughter’s attitude without blowing up

Try these tips to manage your teen daughter's attitude without losing your cool.
tattooed mom with baby

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What you need to know about getting inked up while nursing

Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? Here's are the risks of tattooing while breastfeeding you need to consider before you decide.
Swaddled sleeping baby in a bed.

How to dress a newborn for bed so they’ll be safe and comfy all night long

Are you wondering how your newborn should be dressed for bed? We tell you the right way.
Three kids sitting and reading books

7 great kids’ books featuring LGBTQ+ characters to add to your child’s bookshelf

Millions of children have LGBTQ+ family members or are LGBTQ+ themselves. We list kids' picture books featuring LGBTQ+ characters.
Kids using science kits

5 easy science lessons for kids any parent can teach in a pinch this summer

Try these science lessons if you have exhausted your science curriculum for the year.
Child playing with colored numbers

How to get your kid to like math in 3 easy steps (yes, it’s that easy)

Teaching kids math? How to get them to like math instead of hate it in three easy steps.
Teens doing homework

7 vital test-taking strategies your teen needs to learn before taking the SAT

Don't let your kid fall behind: Learn the test-taking strategies your teen needs right now.
Child chewing on his shirt collar.

How to stop your child from chewing on their clothes

Babies and children chew on their clothing for different reasons. Learn why and how to get them to stop.
A sleeping baby with their hand by their face.

Is your baby a mouth breather? Here’s what it means and when you should worry

Is your baby a mouth breather? What to know about mouth breathing in babies
Angry toddler girl

Here comes the Hulk: 5 emotional signs of anger in a 2-year-old

Is your two-year-old displaying these five signs of anger? Here's what to do.

Should I let my 10-year-old get a phone? You might be sorry later

What age should kids get their own phones? Should I let my kid get a phone?
Cooked salmon on a plate

Can pregnant women eat salmon? It depends on these factors

Can you eat salmon while pregnant? Here's what you need to know.
Upset teenage girl on cell phone

5 symptoms that prove your teen is probably addicted to social media

5 symptoms that prove your teen is probably addicted to social media
christmas pregnancy announcement baby bump

The best maternity winter coats you can get for less than $100

Keep warm during pregnancy with these well-priced maternity winter coats.

3 things to do and 1 you absolutely should not to do when your baby has a fever

What you should be doing when your baby has a fever
Teen vaping outside

Has your teen start vaping? 5 tips that will help get them to quit

Has your teen start vaping? 5 tips that will help get them to quit
Unhappy newborn crying.

Is your baby throwing up? Your complete care guide to causes and treatment

What to know about the causes and treatment for a baby vomiting
Teenager at home on social media

6 alarming ways social media may be causing your teen anxiety

6 alarming ways social media may be causing your teen anxiety
Toddler and mom talking

6 ways to build toddler language skills for kids who are struggling

Here are 6 ways you can build your toddler's language skills.
Baby girl standing and waving in crib.

Is your baby waking up too early? Here’s what you can do about it

Follow these tips if your baby is waking up way too early.
Child smiling and writing in a notebook

How to raise an independent child: Our best tips

These tips will help you to raise a child who's independent.
annoying tween and dad

How to manage pre-teen behavior without totally losing your mind

Try these tips for getting through the hell of pre-teen behavior.
toddler learning to count with an abacus

Want to sharpen your toddler’s fine motor skills? Try these simple activities

Try these easy activities to sharpen your toddler's fine motor skills.
Toddler eating

Do these four things immediately if your baby is choking

Here are 4 things to do right away if your baby is choking
A mother breastfeeding her baby

The 5 best breastfeeding positions for making mealtime comfy for mom and baby

These are the top 5 breastfeeding positions that are easy on mom and baby.
Dad holding baby in the nursery.

8 tips for new dads on what life with a newborn is really like

Here are 8 tips for new dads who are overwhelmed and exhausted.
preschool girl dreaming looking out window

Parents need to do this one key thing to ensure their kids succeed in life

Do kids need goals? Why goals are important for development.
mom and daughter baking

5 baking recipes for kids who can’t get enough of TV baking shows

Fun and easy things to bake with kids this winter season.
toddler on tablet

Is technology bad for kids? Here’s the truth and what you can do about it

Are there positive effects of technology on children?
Feet weighing on scale

How much weight should you gain during the first trimester? It depends

Find out how much weight you should gain during the first trimester.
baby and mom in a city

Give your baby a nickname to remember with this super-simple lifehack

No one will forget baby's name if you go this route.
baby reading

Book lovers will flip for these classic literary baby names

Give your baby a name straight out of a novel. Perfect for book lovers.
baby names

What’s the Baby Name Genie? It makes coming up with baby names fun

The Baby Name Genie is the Name Generator Parents Love.
teen mood swing

Why do teens have mood swings? Here’s what’s really going on

Here are the reasons teens have mood swings. You may be surprised
microsoft family safety app

The Microsoft safety app for Android and iOS is something every family needs

Here's what you need to know about the Microsoft safety app