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Mother holding sleeping baby.

How to break the cycle of an overtired baby

An overtired infant can wake up several times at night. We discuss how to break the cycle and get more sleep for your baby and you.

The dirty truth about cloth diapers

The ins and outs of traditional cloth diapers and how to make them work.

10 cute baby boy nicknames with tons of personality

These boy nicknames are so catchy and fun. Find cute nicknames for your baby boy.
Baby with insect bite on leg

How to treat mosquito bites (and more) on babies

This is what you should do if your baby gets an insect bite.
Hands holding baby monitor over crib with sleeping baby in it.

Prime Day baby monitor deals 2022: Top 3 picks, from $50

These are our three favorite Prime Day baby monitor deals and they start at just $50. If you're a new parent, don't sleep on these deals for you and your baby.
Cute baby boy.

What color will your baby’s eyes be? Find out with a baby eye color predictor

With a baby eye color predictor, you can find out what color eyes your baby might have.
A small child grabbing cereal from a bowl.

These incredible breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds will please even the pickiest of eaters

Here's what to make for breakfast for even the pickiest 1-year-olds.
Swaddled sleeping baby in a bed.

How to dress a newborn for bed so they’ll be safe and comfy all night long

Are you wondering how your newborn should be dressed for bed? We tell you the right way.
A baby's first birthday cake

Need 1st birthday party ideas? These tips and tricks will help you throw a fantastic, stress-free event

Don’t stress the planning of your baby's first birthday. We’re here to help ease the worry around your precious one’s big day.
Child chewing on his shirt collar.

How to stop your child from chewing on their clothes

Babies and children chew on their clothing for different reasons. Learn why and how to get them to stop.
A baby sleeping in a bassinet

5 things you can do to turn your little one into a self-soothing baby

You can teach your baby to self-soothe and save you both some misery.
Parents with a child carrying a bag

The 6 items all parents should have in a baby hygiene kit

During your baby’s first few years, they’ll need help with basic hygiene. It's much easier when you have a handy hygiene kit with the right tools.
Baby sleeping on their back

Natural remedies to help your child sleep through the night

Is your child not sleeping well? Here are some natural remedies to help them fall asleep.
A baby wearing a bib.

Waterproof bibs may not be your best choice – here’s why

Waterproof bibs sound like a great idea, but they may not be. Here's why.
Baby holding pacifier

The best and safest pacifiers for babies and toddlers

If you choose to give your baby a pacifier, what kind should you use? We did some digging to find a few great options for you and highlighted them here.
A sleeping baby with their hand by their face.

Is your baby a mouth breather? Here’s what it means and when you should worry

Is your baby a mouth breather? What to know about mouth breathing in babies
Baby sitting in highchair refusing to eat.

5 surefire warning signs your baby will need feeding therapy

Will your infant need feeding therapy? Find out from experts.

How to treat baby heat rash even when the temps go sky high

Does your baby suffer from heat rash? Here's how to treat baby heat rash.
A smiling newborn baby in front of smiling parents.

Everything you need to know about properly caring for your newborn

Everything you need to know about properly caring for your newborn
mother and newborn baby

4 signs of a healthy baby that prove you’re doing something right

Signs that you're doing something right and your baby is healthy
Baby sitting in highchair refusing to eat.

This baby will have trust issues for life after Mom’s bait and switch goes viral on TikTok

Watch this baby's reaction after Mom does a classic bait and switch to try to get a new food introduced.
A baby getting a head massage.

How massage can help your baby sleep (seriously!)

A thorough look at how massage can help your baby sleep.

3 things to do and 1 you absolutely should not to do when your baby has a fever

What you should be doing when your baby has a fever
Unhappy newborn crying.

Is your baby throwing up? Your complete care guide to causes and treatment

What to know about the causes and treatment for a baby vomiting

Dad’s reaction to his baby’s fake eyebrows goes viral on Instagram and we can’t stop laughing

This dad's reaction to his baby's fake eyebrows goes viral on Instagram.
Woman's hand wiping baby's nose

Does you baby have a runny nose? Here’s when you should worry

If your baby has a runny nose, here's when you should start worrying.
A toddler sleeping holding a teddy bear.

Is your baby waking up too early? These 6 tips can help

6 tips that can help you if your baby is waking up too early.
Baby sitting in carrier coughing

3 signs your baby’s cough is a big problem (and what you can do about it)

If you're worried about your baby's coughing, here's how you can help

4 telltale signs your baby might be allergic to milk and what you can do

How to tell that your baby might be allergic to milk and what you can do about it
A sleeping baby moving their hands over their head.

Here’s how to tell if your baby twitching in their sleep is totally harmless

How to tell if your baby twitching in their sleep is totally harmless.
Baby girl standing and waving in crib.

Is your baby waking up too early? Here’s what you can do about it

Follow these tips if your baby is waking up way too early.
Baby with peanut butter on their face

Watch for these scary signs to know if your baby has a peanut allergy

If your baby has a peanut allergy, you'll know by these awful signs.

Safely and quickly lose weight while breastfeeding by following these tips

A guide to how you can easily and safely lose weight while breastfeeding.
Toddler eating

Do these four things immediately if your baby is choking

Here are 4 things to do right away if your baby is choking
A mother breastfeeding her baby

The 5 best breastfeeding positions for making mealtime comfy for mom and baby

These are the top 5 breastfeeding positions that are easy on mom and baby.
baby and mom in a city

Give your baby a nickname to remember with this super-simple lifehack

No one will forget baby's name if you go this route.
Name tag on pregnant belly

20 vintage baby names that will never go out of style

These vintage baby names are always on trend and never go out of style.
Newborn girl sleeping on a pink blanket

10 cute nicknames a baby girl can carry through childhood

Call your baby girl one of these cute nicknames that carry through life.
baby reading

Book lovers will flip for these classic literary baby names

Give your baby a name straight out of a novel. Perfect for book lovers.
cute baby laying on their side

10 baby nicknames that are just as cute as your little one

You'll love calling your little one a cute nickname.
Multi-colored baby shoes on artificial turf

20 rainbow baby names that have a sentimental meaning

These sweet baby names are perfect for any rainbow baby.
baby boy names that start with a row of six multi ethnic babies smiling in studio

The best boy baby names that begin with the letter A

A selection of modern and traditional boys' names that begin with the letter A.
A group of toddlers happy and smiling.

15 virtuous names for your baby from modern to more traditional

Give your baby a virtuous name that'll suit them perfectly.
sports baby names little is playing with a football  he very

These sports baby names for boys and girls are perfect for sports fanatics

If you love sports, you're going to love these baby names.
Happy baby.

The sweetest baby girl names that start with the letter “A”

The first letter of the alphabet has many beautiful girl names.
A mom holds the toothbrush for the baby

The best baby toothbrushes for your little one’s tender gums

Budget baby toothbrushes compared, linked, and under ten dollars.
maternity jeans the fashion item every new mom should have in her closet holding newborn

How a baby develops between ages 1 and 3 months old

Everything you need to know about baby's development from 1 month to 3 months.
Happy baby.

How to teach a baby sign language with one easy method

Here is how to easily teach your baby sign language.
kid friendly fruit recipes child with orange

When can babies have oranges? Be cautious before offering them

There's a certain age when it's safe to give your baby oranges for the first time.
Two slices of bread with peanut butter and bananas.

When is it safe to give a baby peanut butter? Probably earlier than you think

Here's expert advice on when you can give your baby peanut butter