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Infant reaching for a humidifier

How to choose the right baby humidifier

A humidifier will help your child breathe better and sleep soundly. Our tips help you choose the right one for your little one.
Toddler building with colored blocks

From infants to school-age kids, here are the best building blocks

When it comes to kids and building blocks, you simply can't go wrong. We list the best building blocks for infants up to 6 years.
Person in Easter Bunny costume standing outside

7 creative ways to show the Easter Bunny paid a visit

Kids really love it when the Easter Bunny delivers treats to them. We show seven creative ways to show how he paid a visit.
A toddler getting a haircut

6 tips to ensure your toddler’s first haircut is stress-free

Here's how to make sure your child's first haircut is stress-free for everyone.
Chalkboard sign saying "spring break" on a beach

3 fun, affordable spring break trips for families

Are you not sure where to go on spring break with your kids? We list three fun, affordable and family-friendly trip ideas.
A toddler girl hanging on a baby gate

How auto-close baby gates can make your life a little easier

Is your toddler ready to start moving? We tell you what you need to know about auto-close baby gates and why they're important.
Balloon animals with drawn faces and googly eyes

Simple ways to DIY balloon animals

Making DIY balloon animals for your kids is a great way to connect with them. We offer simple tips and how-tos on creating them.
A newborn is swaddled in a towel

These bath products are essential for your little one

When bathing your baby, you want the best items to make bath time enjoyable. We help you find the best baby-bath products.
Toddler girl crying

Is your toddler kicking, punching, or hitting? Here’s what to do — before it gets worse

Your toddler's misbehavior can be frustrating when they are kicking or hitting. Here's how to address it before things escalate.
A mother and daughter reading together

10 books your baby will love

What are the best books for a 1-year-old or for newborn? We have a list of 10 cute choices that are great for both ages.
A breastfeeding toddler

Should you breastfeed your 2-year-old?

If you and your 2-year-old aren't quite ready to give up breastfeeding, should you continue? Here's what you need to know.
Toddlers share an apple

These 5 books teach kids sharing is caring

Sharing can seems like an alien concept to most toddlers. We list fun and engaging books that teach your little one how to share.
Toddler running in the living room with mom

Is it safe for your toddler to be running?

When should a toddler hit the ground running? We discuss when your little one might start running and what to look out for.
Girl and boy toddlers on a play date

6 ways you can encourage your toddler’s best behavior

Encouraging good behavior from your toddler is easier than you think. Try these tips to make turn a bad situation around easier on everyone.
An adult teaching a baby how to swim.

How old should your child be for swimming lessons

What ages are appropriate for babies and toddlers to start swimming at
roasted veggies

7 baby-friendly meals when you’ve just started solid feeding

Here are 7 of the simplest and most nutritious recipes for 12-month-olds that can easily be frozen and stored for multiple servings.

5 tricks for transitioning a baby from the crib to a bed

Here are some tips on helping your toddler go from crib to bed in no time.
stainless steel bottle safe child drinking water

Is a stainless steel water bottle safe for your toddler?

Many kids drink their water from plastic sippy cups, but is a stainless steel water bottle a better option for toddlers? In many ways, yes.
Mother and baby during bath time

How to choose a safe bathtub for your baby

When choosing a bathtub for your baby, it can get overwhelming. Our guide will help you find the perfect tub for your little one.
Baby boy upset while lying on a blanket

Baby’s having a stomachache? Here’s what to do

When our baby has an aching belly, you want to quickly ease their discomfort or pain. We list some of the best products for them.
Child not liking vegetables at dinner with mother

Does your picky child need supplements? Here’s how to pick ones that will go down easy

Choosing the right supplements for your kids can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be. We help you choose the best ones.
Baby Cabinet

How to choose the best baby proofing products for your home

Once your little one becomes mobile, it's time to make sure your house has the best security to protect him form harm around your home.
Parent and child practicing speech

Practice speech with your toddler with these fun games

Parents can struggle finding fun ways to practice speech with their kids. We list enjoyable and engaging learning activities.
Mother looks at baby in car

How to pick a baby car mirror

The best car mirrors to keep an eye on your kids while driving
fish toddler eat girl eating sushi

Should your toddler eat fish?

Fish foods have excellent nutritional value for toddlers, but the benefits have to be weighed with risks like mercury.
weaning time plan mom with toddler outdoors

When to know it’s time to wean – and how you and your toddler can get through it

How do I know if it's time to stop breastfeeding my toddler? The answer is personal, but we have advice for how to make it through this emotional time.
Smoothie bowl.

4 quick recipes that will satisfy your picky toddler

Here we offer some fast and nutritious recipes that can be added to and modified for any picky eater.
Toddler reading book with mom

Fun ways to teach your toddler the parts of the body

What are fun ways to teach the names of body parts to your toddler?

What a playdate is, and how to know if they’re right for your child

Here, we lay out the groundwork for optimal playdate outcomes.
Mom giving her baby a bath

5 essentials you need for baby’s next bath

Bath time for little ones is an important task for parents. We list five essential items to make it enjoyable for your baby.
A family doing chores together at home

What chores should your children be given?

Chores can be viewed as a necessary evil by kids. Follow these chore tips to build discipline and instill a work ethic in them.
A baby on the floor on their stomach looking over their shoulder.

These 4 trash cans will make changing diapers a breeze

The best baby diaper trash cans that fit a variety of needs and styles
A star-shaped night-light

Parents say these 10 night-lights under $10 help their kids fall asleep

If your child can't sleep without a light on, a night-light helps them go to dreamland. Choose from our list of 10 affordable models.
Happy boy in photoshoot

Does your child need a modeling agency?

So your child wants to be a model? Here's what you should consider
Young girl with Kwanzaa sign on a playground

Fun Kwanzaa games for every toddler

Kwanzaa is a beautifully celebrated holiday for African-American families. Get your child involved with these fun and interactive games.
Three young girls together in a white room

Should your toddler be jumping?

every child moves at their own pace when it comes to learning motor skills. We list the average ages toddlers begin to pick them up.

Buying toddler-safe fish — where to start and what to know

Fish sticks are just one way you can give your toddler fish, but when is it safe? We discuss the health benefits and when to serve it.
a little girl putting decorations on a Christmas tree

6 great gifts to get your toddler this holiday season

Looking for a good gift for the toddler in your life? Here are our top picks.
Baby in front of a Christmas tree

6 great gifts to get your baby this holiday season

Looking for a good gift for your baby's first Christmas? Here are our top picks.
Sleeping baby on a bed

Will your unsleeping child’s growth be stunted?

The correlation between sleep and growth in babies is well-known. We discuss what can you do about your unsleeping child.
Laughing baby on beach in swim diaper

How to pick the best training pants for toddlers

Why make potty training any harder than it has to be? These recommendations will keep your toddler dry during the process.
Best babyproofing

5 products you need for your baby-proofing kit

Baby-proofing your house? You definitely need these products
Two toddlers playing together at home

The 5 daily routines every toddler should have

Planning your child's day is an exciting and important step. Our guide shows you five important routines to add to your toddler's schedule.
A photo of a child looking at a book

Natural ways to help your child stop wetting the bed

When it comes to children wetting their bed, it can be caused by a lot of factors. But here are some natural ways to help them conquer this issue.
toddler tantrum mother playing with child

When do toddlers experience growth spurts?

Have you ever wondered why your child is growing so fast? Read on to find out exactly when toddler growth spurts occur and what to do.
Toddler with cake

6 non-toy gift ideas for toddlers they’ll really love

What do you pick when shopping for a toddler gift while simultaneously steering clear of the toy aisle? You may want to consider one of these six options. 
Mother holding child

What to do when your 2-year-old throws a tantrum

Two-year-olds are notorious for throwing tantrums, but rest assured that you’re not alone. Our guide explains how to deal with their tantrums.
how to teach children manners smiling mom and daughter

The 5 best ways to teach manners to children

Here are five ways to teach manners to children that, if employed now, will benefit your child far into adulthood.
Child blowing nose

How to teach kids to blow their nose

There’s actually quite a lot there to remember about blowing your nose, especially if you’re a 5-year-old child still learning about your own body.
Little boy napping in crib

Do 3-year-olds still need naps?

Your little baby has developed into a toddler! This is an exciting time, but does your toddler still need a nap during the day?