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Small child sitting on the edge of a bed

Does your toddler have a speech delay? Here’s what to do

Speech delays in toddlers can be stressful for everyone. Here's what to do if you're concerned your child isn't meeting speech milestones.
Mom looking in the back seat

Why you and your baby need a car mirror

Don't think you need a baby car mirror for your newborn? Here's why you do.
Baby bundled up in the snow

Cold-weather gear every baby should have

Make sure you have all the essential cold-weather gear babies need for their first winter.
Child with activity table

7 reasons an activity table for kids should be in your home right now

Not sure whether you need an activity table for the kids? We'll help break down why you should have one in your home.
Children making Halloween crafts.

8 Halloween crafts for preschoolers to do this spooky season

Need some crafty ideas for your little ghouls? These eight Halloween crafts for kids are perfect for your pumpkins to do this season.
Girl with glasses holding book

These books will teach your toddler to talk about their feelings

Help young kids understand their emotions with these feeling books for toddlers.
toddler girl and her dad having fun with music and movement activity.

8 best movement and music activities for toddlers: Get them engaged (and tired)

Try these 8 music and movement activities to get toddlers moving.
Toddler with stuffed bear on potty training seat.

The best travel potty seats for toddlers on the go

A travel potty seat is a must-have when toilet training your toddler. Here's your guide to the top toddler travel potty seats.
Small child learning to swim

Is 3 years old too young for swim lessons? Not if you follow our tips

Are you ready for your toddler's swimming lessons to start? Here's our how-to on everything you need to know about your 3-year-old's swim lessons.
A young girl holding peppers up to her eyes

Is your toddler playing with food something you need to put a stop to?

If your toddler playing with food bothers you, here's how to decide if you should let your little one have fun at mealtime or not.

6 fantastic reasons to enroll your child in toddler gymnastics classes today

Here's why you should consider enrolling your child in toddler gymnastics classes
Baby sitting in highchair at table

When is it safe to feed toddlers raisins and other dried fruits?

Do you have to get creative to get your toddler to eat healthy foods? We cover when it's safe to feed toddlers dried fruits so you can add them to their diet.
toddler on potty

The 5 best potty-training underwear options you and your toddler will love

Having the right potty-training underwear for your toddler can make a big difference. We list the best ones and a few tips.
preschool girl having fun playing soccer

What are the benefits of sports in child development? We break it down

Sports for 3-year-olds are important for their development. Here's why your tot needs to be as active as possible.
baby playing with toys

5 classic toddler toys your child will remember forever

The toys your children play with when they’re younger can leave a lasting impression. Here are five classic toddler toys that your child will remember forever.
Baby with sunscreen on their cheeks

What you need to know to choose the best eczema sunscreen for your baby

Trying to find an eczema sunscreen for your little one? Here's what you need to know to keep your baby's sensitive skin protected.
A mom and toddler playing a game in the living room.

How to teach a toddler to be patient (yes, it’s possible!)

Try these 4 activities to teach your toddler about patience.
Mother and daughter talking.

How to deal with a lying kid — try these simple techniques

Sometimes, kids lie — and here are techniques on how to handle it.
A family plays a video game together

These 8 Wii games are the best for your young kids

Keeping your kids entertained and active is tough. But these eight age-appropriate games from the Nintendo Wii are great for young kids.
Baby with insect bite on leg

How to treat mosquito bites (and more) on babies

This is what you should do if your baby gets an insect bite.
Three girls having fun jumping rope outside

9 easy, timeless jump-rope games every kid will love

Looking for fun jump-rope games to get your kids outside and playing? Try these timeless jump-rope games.
Hands holding baby monitor over crib with sleeping baby in it.

Prime Day baby monitor deals 2022: Top 3 picks, from $50

These are our three favorite Prime Day baby monitor deals and they start at just $50. If you're a new parent, don't sleep on these deals for you and your baby.
A toddler wearing a yellow sweater crying with their eyes closed.

These are the surprisingly simple reasons why toddlers cry so much

Kids at two years old are prone to crying, sometimes a lot. We list several common reasons why toddlers cry and what you can do.

Avoid these food choking hazards for toddlers at all costs

How common is toddler choking? Learn what choking hazards to watch for.
A toddler grabbing some food off of a plate.

How much should a toddler eat? Probably more than you think

How much should a toddler eat? You might be shocked to find out how much your toddler should really eat in one day.
Woman standing with a coffee while her electric car charges

Why you shouldn’t buy an electric vehicle for your family road trip

Here's why an electric vehicle may not be the best choice if your family loves road tripping.
Two toddlers playing with toys on a table.

How to know if your child is ready for preschool: Use this checklist

Use our readiness checklist to determine if your child is ready for preschool.
Little child whining

4 ingenious ways to get your toddler to stop whining (without bribes)

Does your toddler whine nonstop? Here's how to stop this annoying behavior.
Child chewing on his shirt collar.

How to stop your child from chewing on their clothes

Babies and children chew on their clothing for different reasons. Learn why and how to get them to stop.
Young kid watering the garden outdoors

10 outdoor chores that teach school-age kids responsibility

Chores help kids gain a sense of responsibility. They can do these 10 outdoor jobs safely.
A baby wearing a bib.

Waterproof bibs may not be your best choice – here’s why

Waterproof bibs sound like a great idea, but they may not be. Here's why.
Baby holding pacifier

The best and safest pacifiers for babies and toddlers

If you choose to give your baby a pacifier, what kind should you use? We did some digging to find a few great options for you and highlighted them here.
cute toddler girl in yellow rain boots ready to play in puddles with her rubber ducks

5 adorable toddler rain boots we’re obsessing over right now

Go ahead and let them jump in puddles in these best kids rain boots.
Angry toddler girl

Here comes the Hulk: 5 emotional signs of anger in a 2-year-old

Is your two-year-old displaying these five signs of anger? Here's what to do.

Always offer these 5 things to a toddler with a stomach bug

Does your toddler have a stomach bug? He needs these five things fast.

How to get a toddler to take medicine (even if you’re not Mary Poppins)

Do you have a stubborn toddler who won't take medicines? Here's what to do.
A mom putting her toddler to sleep.

How to get your toddler to sleep a big kid bed without (too many) tears

We have tried and true ways to convince your toddler to sleep in his own bed.
A toddler not wanting to eat their food

What to feed toddlers with diarrhea to solve the problem fast

What to feed toddlers with diarrhea to solve the problem fast
Mom feeding daughter with spoon

5 telltale signs your toddler needs feeding therapy right now

5 telltale signs your toddler needs feeding therapy right now
A toddler throwing food off the high chair.

The ultimate guide to stop your toddler’s annoying habit of throwing food

The ultimate guide on how to stop your toddler from throwing their food

Toddler tries a pepper for the first time and we can totally relate

Watch as this toddler tries a hot pepper for the first time.
A father lifting up a child to play.

5 engaging activities you can do with toddlers to keep them entertained

5 engaging activities you can do with toddlers to keep them entertained.
Toddler and mom talking

6 ways to build toddler language skills for kids who are struggling

Here are 6 ways you can build your toddler's language skills.

6 warning signs and key symptoms of ADHD in toddlers

Watch out for these common signs of ADHD in toddlers.
Two small children sitting on the couch sick and blowing their noses.

Does your child have RSV? Scary symptoms to watch out for

Watch for these signs that your child might have RSV.
toddler learning to count with an abacus

Want to sharpen your toddler’s fine motor skills? Try these simple activities

Try these easy activities to sharpen your toddler's fine motor skills.

This nutrition guide for toddlers should be displayed on your fridge

Nutrition for toddlers is so important. Use this toddler nutrition guide.
toddler gift guide eating cake

Toddler won’t eat meat? How to turn them into a bacon and burgers lover

What to do when your toddler won't eat meat with the family.

Mom’s news report of her ‘terrorist’ toddler’s meltdown is totally spot-on

Mom does a fake news report of her toddler's tantrum and it's going viral.
Toddler sitting down with toes pointing towards camera

Should you be concerned if your toddler walks on their toes? Experts weigh in

This is why your toddler is walking on their toes.