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Sleeping baby on a bed

Will your unsleeping child’s growth be stunted?

The correlation between sleep and growth in babies is well-known. We discuss what can you do about your unsleeping child.
Laughing baby on beach in swim diaper

How to pick the best training pants for toddlers

Why make potty training any harder than it has to be? These recommendations will keep your toddler dry during the process.
Best babyproofing

5 products you need for your baby-proofing kit

Baby-proofing your house? You definitely need these products
Two toddlers playing together at home

The 5 daily routines every toddler should have

Planning your child's day is an exciting and important step. Our guide shows you five important routines to add to your toddler's schedule.
A photo of a child looking at a book

Natural ways to help your child stop wetting the bed

When it comes to children wetting their bed, it can be caused by a lot of factors. But here are some natural ways to help them conquer this issue.
toddler tantrum mother playing with child

When do toddlers experience growth spurts?

Have you ever wondered why your child is growing so fast? Read on to find out exactly when toddler growth spurts occur and what to do.
Toddler with cake

6 non-toy gift ideas for toddlers they’ll really love

What do you pick when shopping for a toddler gift while simultaneously steering clear of the toy aisle? You may want to consider one of these six options. 
Mother holding child

What to do when your 2-year-old throws a tantrum

Two-year-olds are notorious for throwing tantrums, but rest assured that you’re not alone. Our guide explains how to deal with their tantrums.
how to teach children manners smiling mom and daughter

The 5 best ways to teach manners to children

Here are five ways to teach manners to children that, if employed now, will benefit your child far into adulthood.
Child blowing nose

How to teach kids to blow their nose

There’s actually quite a lot there to remember about blowing your nose, especially if you’re a 5-year-old child still learning about your own body.
Little boy napping in crib

Do 3-year-olds still need naps?

Your little baby has developed into a toddler! This is an exciting time, but does your toddler still need a nap during the day?
Large array of dried fruit

At what age should kids be introduced to dried fruits?

Wondering when it’s safe to introduce your little one to dried fruit? Learn when and how to serve this nutritious food to them.
Young boy lying in bed with Teddy bear

When your child should stop taking naps

Setting kids up with healthy sleep routines early in life can help them later on. We discuss how that is possible for your child
Mother lying next to sleeping toddler son.

When you should start taking away baby’s pacifier

A binky helps your child feel relaxed, but letting it go of it feels stressful. Our guide shows how you and your baby can say goodbye to it
when should a child learn to count colorful abacus

When should a child learn to count?

Most parents are restless and worried when a child gets to a certain age and is unable to count successfully.
Young girl is screaming with fingers in her ears.

What to do when your child won’t stop screaming

When your child has a loud, lengthy meltdown, you ask, "Why is my child screaming?" We list the possible causes and potential solutions
Toddler painting at a table

Tired of toys? Here are 4 gift ideas for a 2-year-old

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for 2-year-olds and it doesn’t include any toys. Each will help them exercise their creativity
Boy and girl playing with a Rubik's Cube

The classic toys and games all kids will love

Classic games or toys have staying power and are handed down through generations. We list several timeless ones that are still enjoyed
Toddler boy lies awake in bed

How much sleep should a 2-year-old get?

When your 2-year-old starts to sleep less, it is certainly frustrating, We discuss the causes and solutions for your little one
Toddler on couch having a tantrum

The seven most effective ways to discipline a toddler

Toddlers lack self-control, which is one of the big factors behind their tantrums. Follow these tips and navigate this phase more effectively
Two young boys playing together

Playdates: How long should they last?

Playdates will help your child learn social and communication skills. We list what makes a successful and fun playdate for all
Man carrying crying child outside.

How to react when your child throws a fit in the store

There are ways to prevent and handle inevitable meltdowns. Prep work and love are all it takes. Here's how to react when your child throws a fit in the store.
Toddler girl standing in her crib

How to deal with a toddler who refuses to sleep

Putting a toddler to bed might be pretty tough sometimes. If you're having trouble getting your little one to sleep, check out our tips
woman watching as boy plays with toys

8 questions to ask when choosing a day care for your child

Picking a day care can be a big decision. Here are 8 questions to ask when choosing a day care for your child.
Baby playing with multicolored blocks

What age should your baby be able to stack blocks?

Stacking blocks are an big developmental milestone for babies and evolve with time and practice. Here are some helpful guidelines
Child eating cake at a birthday party

Toddler birthday party ideas all kids will love

Your child’s toddler years are a special stage in their life. Here are our best ideas for adorable toddler party themes.
Toddler playing with shape sorter

The best types of puzzles for your toddler

Puzzles teach toddlers problem-solving skills, concentration, and fine motor skills. We list parent-approved puzzles for your tot
Sidewalk chalk art drawn by two children

5 fun sidewalk chalk art projects for your children

Using sidewalk chalk is a classic activity for kids of all ages. We list five of the best ways for you and your kids to enjoy some fun
Family of three eating dinner at table at home

6 food ideas any picky toddler will eat every time

Picky eating is a hallmark of your toddler’s normal development. With these six food ideas, your child will soon be asking for seconds
Toddler standing in his crib

When to switch from a crib to a bed

It’s a rite of passage when your baby makes the transition from the crib to a kid bed. We list the right time to make the switch
Group of kids at beginning a scavenger hunt

Easy neighborhood scavenger hunt ideas for your child

We have a few ideas for your next scavenger hunt for kids, either with friends or family. Follow our guide for a fun time
woman watching as boy plays with toys

6 day care interview questions for parents

We’ve put together a list of six day care interview questions that’ll help you get a better sense of the center’s policies, routines, setup, and experience.
the best baby sensory toys for infants and toddlers boy girl toddler on colorful mat playing

The best baby sensory toys for mastering touch, sight, hearing, and teething

Developing fine motor skills and mastering the senses are just two of the many milestones a child will complete. Use our list of the best sensory toys to help.
Toddler boy sleeping with Teddy bear

Toddler won’t sleep? Here’s why, and what to do about it

You know your toddler is tired and fighting it with all their might. We list what steps you can take so your child falls asleep soundly
Happy baby eating from a red bowl

7 healthy foods even the pickiest eaters will enjoy

Having a picky toddler at mealtime can be frustrating, but don’t worry. We have a list of seven healthy foods they should enjoy.
baby pacifier

How to wean a baby off a pacifier

Weaning your baby off a pacifier is key development step - read our guide to find the method best suited for you and your baby.
Girl toddler with pacifier napping in crib.

How to get your toddler to take longer naps

Naptime s an essential part of your toddler's development. We discuss why longer naps are so good for them ... and you
Child crying while mother is on phone

The 4 best ways to discipline a toddler

As a parent, you may see some of your toddler's actions as misbehavior. Here are the four best ways to discipline them with empathy and love
Woman working at day care with children

The 5 questions parents should ask day care facilities

It’s normal to have some concerns when picking a day care facility. Here are five questions you should ask to ensure your child gets great care
Two toddlers playing outside

How to schedule a playdate for your toddler

Scheduling a playdate for your toddler can be the first step to helping them develop social skills and self-confidence. Here's how to do it
A mother feeding food to her child.

Yes, toddlers should have a daily schedule

Getting into a daily routine is great for you and your toddler - follow our guide to a successful, structured day.
toddler sleeping

How to train your toddler to sleep through the night on their own

Toddlers can be fussy when it comes to sleep, but here are some methods for your toddler (and you!) to have a great nights' sleep.
kid playing with blocks

The best educational baby toys for kids at 18-24 months

If you have a baby that is quickly turning into a toddler, they may be outgrowing their old toys. Check out some of our favorite toys for your 18-24-month-olds.
Baby sitting in highchair at table

These are the safest types of highchairs for kids

Highchairs lift your child high off the ground, so ensure your child is safe and secure when sitting in one. These are the safest types of highchairs for kids.
A woman with a baby in a crib

These are the best methods for transitioning sleeping kids to a crib

The first few weeks are super important for your baby to get familiar and comfortable with their crib. Here's how to transition a sleeping child to a crib.
best baby teethers and teething toys

The best baby teethers and teething toys

Is it time for your babies' teeth to come in? If so, it can be quite a painful time for them. Come take a look at some of the best teething options we found t
toddler night light projectors nightielightie

Toddler night light projectors: what you need to know before you buy

Considering a night light projector for your toddler? It's fun when they project glowing stars onto the ceiling. But what do you need to know before you buy?
Father talking with son on couch.

Is your toddler hitting? Here’s how to discipline them

If your toddler is hitting or throwing tantrums, don’t panic. There are plenty of expert-approved methods to help modify their behavior.
toddler girl on bed reading a book

Healthy sleeping habits of a 2-year-old

As the parent of a toddler, you’ve begun to notice that their sleeping habits are evolving. Here's how to ensure your 2-year-old's healthy sleeping habits.
toddler at plastic baby gate

Why an auto-close baby gate may save your sanity

Here's why we think an auto-close baby gate is the right purchase for any parent.