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A crib with nursery decor hanging above it

If you love Disney, these are the motivational quotes to complete your nursery decor

Disney-loving families will find the perfect motivational quotes for kids to help keep their focus on the positive, while leaning on the quotes as room decor.
A child's room that's a bit messy with toys and items all over

Need to clean out the playroom? This is where you should donate toys

Your child's room fills up quickly with all those gifting occasions. To answer the question of where the toy donations near me are, think locally.
A family watches TV on a couch

Your favorite childhood movies will be your kid’s favorite, too

These are childhood movies to watch with your little human to show them the value of family and friendship and that kindness is always the right choice.
A parent having a talk with their child.

Is the tooth fairy real? What to tell your kids about the tooth-stealing ninja when they ask

Whether you want to keep the fairy tale alive or tell the truth, if your child asked if the Tooth Fairy is real, we have the backstory to give them.
A mother and child working together in the kitchen preparing a meal

What a stay-at-home parent would make if we paid them

Let's break down what a stay-at-home mom — or any stay-at-home parent — would make if they were paid for all of the jobs they do for free.
Two children dressed up in Harry Potter costumes while reading the books

Inspirational quotes for kids from their favorite Harry Potter characters

If your child happens to be a Potterhead, these are inspirational quotes for kids to read to them straight from their beloved Harry Potter characters.
A child looking up at an affirmation written on a wall outside

Parents should emotionally support their children with these positive affirmations for kids

From making sure your children build up their confidence to keeping their spirits up, these positive affirmations for kids should be said every day.
A mother holding her children while looking at a tablet

Single mom stretching a budget? Then download these apps right now!

Single moms need to do it all, and that includes making the budget stretch more than ever. These are the apps that will save any single parent money.
Mother laughing with her young daughter.

See a mom out with her kids alone? Keep these thoughts to yourself – Say this instead (if you’re going to say anything at all)

We understand that sometimes word vomit just spits out. But these are things to never say to a single mom if you see one out alone with the kids.
Mother comforting a crying baby

RSV, the flu, or COVID? What to know about the tripledemic to keep your kids safe

Between RSV in kids, the flu, and COVID, navigating the winter season feels like playing Frogger. Here's what to know about the tripledemic.
Black History Month poster

Skip the adults and learn about these amazing kids for Black History Month instead

We learn about the same people for Black History Month - and they're almost always adults. Here are Black kids in history to learn about instead.
Parents watching TV with their teen daughter

What to watch with your teens on Valentine’s Day

Rom-coms reign supreme on Valentine's Day. But if your teenager wants to join in on movie night, watch one of these teen-appropriate movies instead.
Two toddlers playing with toys on a table.

Expand your child’s collection and support these Black-owned toy companies this February and beyond

Create an inclusive environment for your child, and your home, with any item (or get one of each) from these Black-owned toy companies.
Paper artwork for Valentine's Day

Why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids, especially if you’re single

Don't let the kids see you grumpy on Valentine's Day. If you're a single parent, it's important to celebrate all of the love you have in your life.
Black History Month sign

Movies and shows to binge with your teen for Black History Month

Black History Month shouldn't be a topic you leave up to the school to cover. Bring real discussions home by watching these movies with your teen.
Two children are making a snack in the kitchen

These 9 easy no-bake recipes for kids are perfect for independent bakers

Looking for no-bake desserts for your little chef to make for everyone? Try these kid-friendly recipes that only need a few ingredients.
A group of diverse teenagers smiling

Which of your teen’s behavior problems should concern you and which are normal

Not every attitude from your teenager is a red flag. We have the normal teen behaviors that are just a part of growing up.
Parents at crib of their sleeping baby.

How to soothe a baby crying in their sleep and get your rest as well

Have a baby who cries in their sleep? We have the tips and tricks to figure out how to get everyone back to sleep.
Teenage girls looking at presents they are opening

Help your teen spend their Christmas money wisely – tips for good money habits

Don't want your teenager to waste their Christmas cash? We have better ways for your teen spend their Christmas money.
Woman tutoring a middle school student in the library

Your local library will help you stick to your New Year’s goals and so much more

Think libraries are only for kids in school? We'll tell you how your local library will help your whole family take on its New Year's goals.
Two kids having fun baking in the kitchen.

6 easy muffin recipes for kids to make with or without your help

Want to see your kids eat something a little healthier? These easy muffin recipes for kids are nutritious and will be a hit.
A teen hugging their parent where both are smiling

Teens hate making New Year’s resolutions, so make one with them

Pick resolutions for 2023 that will double as bonding time with your teen while helping them create positive habits in their future.
A happy family lying down all smiling

New Year’s resolutions the whole family will love to do together

Are you dreading the New Year's resolutions you picked for this year? Then ditch them and try these family resolutions instead.
Five kids reading books on a park bench

New Year’s resolutions for kids: The reading resolutions your child needs

Don't ask your child to keep their room clean for their New Year's resolution this year. Instead, ask them to read every day.
Parents having a talk with their teen.

Is defiant teen behavior what it really is? Here’s what else could be behind your teen’s attitude

Teenagers will always push boundaries. Your defiant teen's behavior isn't a personal attack on you, but could mean something else.
A teen driving a car with their parent in the passenger seat

How to make sure your teen’s driving behavior doesn’t leave you feeling worried

Your teen starting to drive shouldn't have you worried. Go over these teen driving behaviors so everyone feels more relaxed.
Daughter placing money in piggy bank as Mom watches

2023 is the time to start saving for your child’s education: 4 expert tips

As parents, you don't want to see your child in debt to have a good education. With these four tips, you can start saving now so you won't have to.
Family of three eating dinner at table at home

Here are mealtime rituals for kids to keep them engaged at the dinner table

Sitting down together for meals get trickier when you have children. Try our mealtime routines for kids to help everyone be involved at dinner.
A teenager holding some Christmas presents.

8 cool holiday gift ideas for teens who have it all and hate everything

Don't want to see your teenager roll their eyes at their Christmas presents? We have a list of holiday gifts for teens that won't let you down.
A teen blowing out vape smoke

6 facts about vaping that will put your teen off of it forever

Have a teenager who vapes? We have the facts about vaping you'll want to make sure you share with your teen.
Baby bundled up in the snow

Cold-weather gear every baby should have

Make sure you have all the essential cold-weather gear babies need for their first winter.
Kids playing in the leaves at a park in the fall

7 fun fall homeschool activities

Feeling stuck and can't come up with fun homeschool plans? Here are seven fall homeschool activities to do with your kids this season.
Children making Halloween crafts.

8 Halloween crafts for preschoolers to do this spooky season

Need some crafty ideas for your little ghouls? These eight Halloween crafts for kids are perfect for your pumpkins to do this season.
Yard dice game set

How to modify yard dice rules for kid-friendly fun

Here's how to play yard dice in a family-friendly way so it's as much fun for the kids as it is for the adults.
A mom and toddler playing a game in the living room.

How to teach a toddler to be patient (yes, it’s possible!)

Try these 4 activities to teach your toddler about patience.
A teen using social media on her cell phone.

The pros and cons of social media use for teens (No, it’s not all bad)

Teens spend a lot of time on social media — is it good, bad, or somewhere in between? Let's look at the pros and cons of social media use for teens.
A toddler grabbing some food off of a plate.

How much should a toddler eat? Probably more than you think

How much should a toddler eat? You might be shocked to find out how much your toddler should really eat in one day.
A family taking in the sights at Yosemite Park

5 phenomenal things to do in Yosemite with kids you probably don’t know about

There are so many things to do in Yosemite National Park with kids, it can be hard to know where to start. We have tips.
A view of the campsite of a couple of families

Follow these tips to avoid disaster when camping with family friends

Camping with friends is a fun summer tradition, but follow our tips to ensure the friendship outlives the camping trip.
A teenager smiling while at work at a register in a grocery store

Tired of being a human ATM? How to help your teen get a job this summer

Learn how to help your kid get a job as a teenager and keep a little cash in your wallet for yourself.
A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

10 cheap summer vacation ideas that will save your family a load of cash

These cheap summer vacation ideas will not only save you money, but will provide endless family memories.
Two girls wearing Mickey ears holding suckers.

Your kids won’t even miss Disney if you try these incredible staycation ideas

The best staycation ideas for parents who don't have the budget or desire to travel this summer.
A mother holding her baby in the nursery.

10 space-themed nursery ideas that are out of this world

We are in love with these space-themed nursery ideas for your baby.
A family taking in the sights on vacation.

8 family vacation ideas your teens won’t say suck

These 8 family vacation ideas will even please your teenagers.
A mom putting her toddler to sleep.

How to get your toddler to sleep a big kid bed without (too many) tears

We have tried and true ways to convince your toddler to sleep in his own bed.
A family getting ready to take a trip.

10 important countries your kids should visit before they turn 18

These 10 countries are must-see destinations for kids before they are 18.
A child holding up a drawing of an Easter bunny.

How to draw an Easter bunny (even if you have no artistic ability)

Quickly learn how to draw an Easter bunny before your kid's holiday party or project.
A baby getting a head massage.

How massage can help your baby sleep (seriously!)

A thorough look at how massage can help your baby sleep.
A mother talking with her child.

6 effective ways to talk to your child about their inappropriate behavior

6 effective ways to talk to your child about their inappropriate behavior.
A toddler sleeping holding a teddy bear.

Is your baby waking up too early? These 6 tips can help

6 tips that can help you if your baby is waking up too early.