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Decorations for a Harry Potter party

How to throw a magical Harry Potter marathon for your kids

Celebrate Harry Potter's birthday with a magical movie marathon.
Three girls having fun jumping rope outside

9 easy, timeless jump-rope games every kid will love

Looking for fun jump-rope games to get your kids outside and playing? Try these timeless jump-rope games.
Cute baby boy.

What color will your baby’s eyes be? Find out with a baby eye color predictor

With a baby eye color predictor, you can find out what color eyes your baby might have.
Child painting at an art-themed painting party

All the tips and tricks you need for a fantastic art-themed birthday party for your kid

Your 7-year-old will love having an art-themed birthday party, and here's why.
Woman standing with a coffee while her electric car charges

Why you shouldn’t buy an electric vehicle for your family road trip

Here's why an electric vehicle may not be the best choice if your family loves road tripping.
Family on couch watching TV

5 best movies on Disney+ Dad will want to stream on Father’s Day

There are a lot of movies dads will like on Disney+. Here are five marvelous movies to stream with Dad on Father's Day.
Five kids reading on a bench outside.

4 best Juneteenth picture books to teach kids about the holiday

We list the best Juneteenth picture books that can teach kids about the holiday.
Parents watching TV with their teen daughter.

4 great Netflix movies to stream with your teen this Juneteenth

Looking for movies to watch on Juneteenth? Netflix has great options.
Kids with sunglasses in a pool

Marco Polo for kids, in or out of the water

The game Marco Polo is a classic pool activity played in the summer. We discuss how to make it a safe and fun game for all ages in and out of the pool.
View of the sunset over the Grand Canyon

Make your Grand Canyon family vacation epic with these 5 tips

Our Grand Canyon family vacation tips go beyond viewing the rim and Rim Village.
Summer camp sign

5 incredible summer camp games perfect for your next endlessly boring summer day

Try these summer camp games the next time your kids are bored at home.
Indian Instant Pot recipe

5 tasty Instant Pot Indian recipes that will spice up your family dinners

These 5 Instant Pot Indian recipes are easy to make and will add some spice to your springtime dinners.
Cooked salmon on a plate

5 Instant Pot salmon recipes your kids will actually eat without complaint

Try these tasty Instant Pot salmon recipes your kids will actually love.
Preschoolers having fun in gym class

10 essential social skills your preschooler needs to learn now

These social skills activities for preschoolers are crucial for toddlers to learn before their school years.
Young kid watering the garden outdoors

10 outdoor chores that teach school-age kids responsibility

Chores help kids gain a sense of responsibility. They can do these 10 outdoor jobs safely.
Baby painting with balloons and cake for first birthday

Tasty menu ideas for guests at baby’s first birthday party

We list tasty menu ideas for guests at your baby's first birthday party. Take a look.
Stunning photo of one of the arches in Arches National Park in Utah

Visiting national parks: Your complete guide to planning family travel

Visiting national parks is amazing, but can be stressful. Get our tips first.
cute toddler girl in yellow rain boots ready to play in puddles with her rubber ducks

5 adorable toddler rain boots we’re obsessing over right now

Go ahead and let them jump in puddles in these best kids rain boots.
male teen having a video conferencing therapy session

Will your insurance cover online therapy for teens? We did the research for you

Before signing up your teen for online therapy, read this first.
kids having fun on Easter egg hunt

7 surefire ways to ensure your Easter egg hunt is fun for all ages

Try these strategies and ideas to ensure every kid has fun at the Easter egg hunt.
delicious chicken fajitas on a cutting board

Win weeknight dinner with these easy chicken fajitas you can make at home

You won't believe how easy to make these chicken fajitas are
plate of beef taquitos ready to eat

Make these better-than-takeout homemade taquitos and gain hero status

Wow the family by learning how to make homemade taquitos better than any takeout.
tasty bowl of chicken Alfredo pasta

Make this crowd-pleasing chicken Alfredo pasta tonight and skip dining out

Learn how to make a chicken Alfredo pasta dish that will please the whole crowd.
Happy boy eating a plate of pasta with salmon

How to make simple pasta with salmon that even picky eaters will love

How to make pasta with salmon for an easy weeknight meal everyone will love
young boy in the middle of field of wildflowers suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms

Watch for these 5 concerning signs that your kid suffers from seasonal allergies

Worried your kid suffers from seasonal allergies? Here's what to watch for.
empty Easter basket waiting to be filled

8 fun and unique ideas for this year’s Easter baskets your kids will obsess over

8 fun and unique ideas for this year's Easter baskets.
yummy Easter bunny cookies decorated for the holiday

Use this easy guide to make your own delicious bunny sugar cookies

An easy guide on how to make your own delicious bunny sugar cookies
how to make an easter bunny cake

How to make an Easter bunny cake that’ll be the star of the party

How to make an Easter bunny cake that'll be the star of the party
A parent teaching a toddler girls how to tie her sneaker

A complete guide on how to get your toddler to start tying their own shoes

A guide on how to help your toddler start tying their own shoes
Happy toddler girl playing party games.

6 fun and simple toddler party games that will be the hit of the party

Fun and simple toddler party games that'll make your party a hit.
Two kids having fun baking in the kitchen.

8 easy desserts for kids they can make without setting the house on fire

These 3 simple desserts are easy and safe for kids to make.
A family enjoying dinner together

10 healthy five-ingredient Crockpot recipes that are perfect for family dinners

These 10 Crockpot recipes have only five ingredients and are too easy.
Father and son in a field with a kite

6 father-and-son activities that serve as a teaching experience

Here are 6 father-and son-activities where dads can teach their kids about life
Plate of heart-shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day.

6 easy Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas the kids will get a kick out of

Try one of these 6 Valentine's Day breakfast ideas to make for your kids.
easy valentines day meals recipes

6 easy Valentine’s Day recipes that kids can make for their parents

Have the kids make dinner with these easy Valentine's Day recipes
child making Valentine's Day craft on the floor

7 Valentine’s Day crafts to inspire friendship and love

Help kids get creative this Valentine's Day with these easy and fun crafts.
meal plan using crock pot

10 healthy Crockpot recipes busy families will love

These Crockpot recipes will save you time and energy this winter.
Excited family boarding an airplane for family reunion

Planning a family vacation? These travel apps will make your life easier

You can't go wrong with these cool family travel planning apps
two siblings fighting over a toy

Common reasons siblings fight and are constantly at each other’s throats

Here's why siblings fight and what you can do to mitigate it
Women using pregancy fitness app to exercise

These are the best pregnancy exercise apps to keep your fitness on track

Try these pregnancy exercise apps to stick with a routine.
couple working on the family budget

Money saving apps for families to get everyone’s spending under control

Get your family's spending under control with these money saving apps
A couple of children sledding together.

Good, better, best: Snow sleds your 10-year-old will love

Your 10-year-old will get a kick out of these awesome sleds this winter
Busy family schedule hanging on refrigerator

Get your schedule on track with these cool family organizer apps

These family organizer apps are just what you need.
online shopper trying to buy Xbox Series X for the holidays

Is there hope for finding an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 this Christmas?

Here's the lowdown on scoring an Xbox or PlayStation this year.
Happy little girl ready for a Frozen-themed birthday party

7 ways to make a Frozen-themed birthday magical

Doing a Frozen-themed birthday is easier than you may think.
Excited kids surrounding a birthday cake

7 incredibly easy cake decorating ideas for kids’ birthday parties

These easy cake decorating ideas are perfect for your child's next birthday.
a DIY hanging advent calendar

This amazing DIY advent calendar idea is a ton of fun for toddlers

It's easy to make a DIY advent calendar right at home.
Happy toddler sitting down.

How to teach a toddler to write their letters correctly

Here are tips for how to teach a toddler to write correctly.
Nautical birthday cake at themed party

8 amazing DIY nautical party decorations you can make in a weekend

Sail away with these nautical birthday theme ideas
girl holding tissue flower bouquet

4 easy flower crafts that are fun to do with kids

This beautiful craft for kids will pass the time while making a memory.